Samsung TouchWiz renamed Experience upcoming

Samsung logo master

aigaoji· 2016-12-20 16:28:38

" while Android 7 has launched a period of time, but Samsung still on Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge Android 7 test, Samsung recently submitted the official logo registration confirmation Samsung plans to TouchWiz was renamed Samsung Experience". But it is worth mentioning that this is not the first time for Samsung TouchWiz S III changed its name, as early as the Galaxy launch, Samsung UI will be named Nature UX, but the name has not been recognized by the user, so the name of the TouchWiz also followed down. Not surprisingly, Samsung Experience will be in Galaxy S7 / S7 Edged intelligent mobile phone use, but may be launched in the new version of the UI Galaxy S8/S8 edge to push, to ensure that Galaxy S8/S8 edge is the first batch of pre Samsung Experience and Samsung Android 7 flagship mobile phone.

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