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Weird wrapping guy network

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Halfway through the

surgery, the doctor suddenly told you: your problem is very serious, to add surgery, the cost will increase, it sounds a bit incredible! Small pay at the age of 25, has recently experienced such a bad thing … …


heard a radio advertisement: 90 yuan to do circumcision!

Henan guy small pay, now Dongxihu District Qiaokou Expressway pavior do filial piety.

16, a second chance suddenly, he heard a radio frequency of 103.5, was broadcast advertising, claiming a company called Wuhan maggic andrology Medical Research Institute , perform prepuce operation as long as 90 yuan, and the equipment is advanced. Small pay was enchanted, so call after consultation and make an appointment to do circumcision surgery.

(network picture,


graphic unrelated) on the operating table was a temporary increase!

18 noon, small pay came to the agency in Wuchang, after a simple inspection, began surgery.

according to small pay memories, in the course of surgery, the doctor suddenly told him that a nerve was oppressed, if not removed, the impact of sexual function. He was so frightened that he agreed that the doctor had done second more surgeries. "The doctor had cut a hole, do not agree to do? "

surgery checkout, circumcision 350 yuan, while the second surgery to more than 4000 yuan in. Small pay with enough money, I had to pay 500 yuan, and then write a 3800 yuan iou.


heard ads actually come from black radio!

reporters after receiving complaints, in search of the FM radio broadcast channel 103.5, maggic andrology Medical Research Institute is rolling in radio advertising. The agency said the "2017 sixth generation of nanometer minimally invasive foreskin surgery, with a few minutes treatment of redundant prepuce and phimosis, only 90 yuan … … ".

small pay phone has the agency sent text messages and charges documents. The message said: "the academy is a non-profit professional male genital plastic surgery specialist &hellip the city's only national approval set; …"

< strong> mobile phone and charging documents

Wuhan network information office staff said, this channel is not 103.5 the approval is black radio. Staff, unauthorized setting, the use of radio stations (stations), or unauthorized use of radio frequency, is illegal. In fact, these illegal personnel rented a house, and then set up black radio broadcast. But these people will not operate on the spot, but with black radio playback recorded content.


hospital explained that Wuhan make

integrated outpatient department and andrology maggic Institute of medical research, what is the relationship?

face reporters, the person in charge of the clinic Mr. Wu said, the Institute is opened outpatient, registered in the business sector. 18, the doctor found in the course of surgery Mr. Fu body there are other problems, plus surgery is approved by mr.. Moreover, Mr. Fu wrote IOU is active.

as for the "90 yuan foreskin surgery" ad, they are outsourced to the advertising company to release, they do not know is done on the black radio. Cut wrapping oneself operation cost is 90 yuan, add the cost such as material, total of 350 yuan.

" the hospital said, is actively and properly handle the incident, will give patients a satisfactory answer.

Industrial and Commercial Bureau Liangdao street Wuchang District Industrial and commercial staff said, will be released on the maggic andrology Institute of medicine advertisement investigation, to see whether the alleged false propaganda. For the treatment process, Wuchang District Wei Planning Commission also said it would conduct an investigation.

source: AFP reporter: Liu Yi

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