After Li Jiacheng, "China's first good" and "run"?


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in the commercial era, entrepreneurs undoubtedly is one of the most attention in the crowd, especially successful entrepreneurs, even if you focus too low enough, can not escape the spotlight. Yet another successful businessman may also suffer the doubts, former Hongkong's richest man Li Jiacheng, near the mainland merchants Cao Dewang, and they fell into the same river -- "run away".

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recently, a" don't let Cao Dewang go "point spread in the network, and the original" don't let Li Jiacheng run "point of view is similar to that of their" run away "from their concerns in overseas investment project.

who is Cao Dewang? Why do you want to "run"?

Cao Dewang is the sort of person, believe that few people do not know, as a representative of Cao Dewang Chinese of private enterprises, with a net worth of $1 billion 740 million in 2016 Forbes list of global billionaires list 1198th.

" he was 9 years old and 14 years old school, but was forced to drop out of school, selling tobacco in the street, selling a fruit, repair a bike. From the loss of contracting villages and towns in the small glass factory eventually become China's glass magnate. Now he was in charge of Fuyao Group is Chinese first, the world's second largest automotive glass manufacturers. From more than and 10 years old to start a business, although the external environment but always succeed in be the most changeful, Cao Dewang, is one of the most successful entrepreneurs.

in addition to succeed in business, Cao Dewang is happy in doing good, his contributions of more than 6 billion, was Hu Runping China top philanthropist.

however, such a businessman, philanthropist recently because of a $600 million investment in the United States was asked to run". In this regard, the daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) on Friday to "not alarmist! 1 years later, "made in America" may be cheaper than "made in China"! "As reported, events from the Fuyao Automotive glass factory in the United States morui en $600 million investment in the construction of the formal completion.

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for this investment, with Cao Dewang's own words, he began 20 years ago. Cao Dewang compared the cost between China and the United States, the conclusion can be simply summarized as the cost of the United States cheaper than china.

Cao Dewang said: U.S. investment, U.S. workers wages and benefits will account for 40% of total turnover, indeed higher than china. But the manufacturing tax burden is less, only income tax, no turnover tax burden, so you can save half. In addition, American energy is cheaper than china. For example, the price of natural gas is only 1/5 of China's electricity tariff is domestic by 1/3. This is a great encouragement to our investment. At the same time, the production base to the forefront of the international market, can reduce logistics and service costs.

he also mentioned that the United States land basic money. In the Fuyao $600 million investment in a land plant, Cao Dewang has himself said: "I spent 15 million dollars on the plant, with a $15 million renovation, the local government through various channels to subsidize my $about 30000000, so I basically did not spend money to buy the factory.

according to the "daily economic news to Fuyao (micro signal: nbdnews) provides the data also show that the local government subsidies to at least $about 30000000. Thus, Cao Dewang purchased the factory did not spend money is not virtual.

however, Cao Dewang seems to be a normal investment, but the outside world is not the same interpretation of the taste: This is not Cao Dewang to run on the signs?

Cao Dewang response: when did I run?

"source: Oriental IC

has always been low-key Cao Dewang to" run away "is quite emotional, today, he accepted the Sina News interview, to" run away "rumors made a positive response.

: someone said you ran away.

Cao Dewang: you say, when did I run? I started building in America 20 years ago.

asked: you go to the United States to invest billions of dollars. It has been spread.

Cao Dewang: all of our foreign investment, are approved by the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of commerce. What's wrong with that?

market sales in 65% Fuyao manufacturing Chinese, I ran out to do what. But not equal to investment. Because you want to become a global company, you must invest abroad.

Q: now the domestic investment environment really as you say, so that entrepreneurs do not stay?

Cao Dewang: the investment environment is not, roughly the same. But it should be admitted that costs are needed, and the Chinese are now going to catch the problem. China is Chinese, must build it.

China because of this objective, the United States and Europe, it will give you the best, let you stick to it, then you die. He also want to live, so we should Chinese will pay attention to how to correct these problems.

asked: last year Li Jiacheng left.

Cao Dewang: I can't compare with Li Jiacheng. I do not do real estate, I do not for the money, I donated to China eight or nine billion of my money, but also away. Why compare me with him? I am businessman, for those people a contemptuous disregard for money.

ask: will you move?

Cao Dewang: I'm not moving out. I just put into production this year, the United States project, has not brought profits. I made 30 billion this year, and finally I have to bear the cost of investment in the United States, close to 1 billion. If you add is to earn 4 billion money. So what am I moving out to do?

I do not do a private entrepreneur in China, why move? I basically those words are to tell the Chinese people, what is the outside investment environment, we should pay attention to these things, with others. We have the kind of Chinese people should unite to overcome difficulties.

asked: you just said that while investing in the United States, but also in domestic projects.

Cao Dewang: I am a manufacturing global supply chain. In accordance with my business strategy, I must have a global supply, in order to survive in china. China to do automotive glass, belonging to all Chinese enterprises, are eligible to participate in international bidding, a total of not more than 2. One is me. That Chinese enterprises can only do in China, go out do not go out?

asked: the investment and domestic investment Fuyao currently going out of proportion roughly how much?

Cao Dewang: in fact, outside the plant has not yet sold, accounting for the proportion of 2%, less than 3%. We are China exported to other countries accounted for 35% of total sales, 65% is sold to the local Fuyao automobile factory / business. China auto dealer 70% is my glass. You said I ran out, the car down, first complain is those car factory, then I ran out to do what?

ask: your truth, be heated, whether worried about your business?

Cao Dewang: I'm standing right, doing right. My own factories for thirty years, has 20 years of Fujian's tax model, I still have to the national trust.

for Cao Dewang "run away", so corporate chiefs

although Cao Dewang made a positive response, but China have capital investment in the sea is an indisputable fact, this is not only the factors of Chinese enterprises growing, but also with the domestic cost rising about.

according to a 2013 study by Boston consulting firm, the average cost of making goods in the United States was only 5% higher than in China. In 2015, production in low-cost regions of the United States has become as cost-effective as in China. Even more shocking is that by 2018, the U.S. manufacturing costs will be cheaper than China's 2%~3%.

source: wealth Chinese network

for the layout of Cao Dewang, how Zhejiang entrepreneurs bigwigs see? Qianjiang Evening News in an interview report:

Wahaha Zong: master more technology, is the key to the

"China manufacturing overtaking said replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) lower taxes, but recently, we've compiled a tax this year compared with last year, there is no decline, some also increased. "In the eyes of the Wahaha Group Chairman Zong Qinghou, no real economy, no manufacturing power, people power is not possible," at present, our real economy is very difficult. First to reduce the real economy taxes and fees, reduce investment costs".

Zong Qinghou think, master more advanced technology is to promote China's manufacturing corner overtaking key. We should be encouraged to use a large number of foreign talent, improve the technical level, to help the manufacturing industry from low-end to high-end. Meanwhile, in Zong Qinghou seems to control the development of virtual economy, vigilance Internet double-edged sword.

Greatstar Chou Jianping: comprehensive cost, or Chinese manufacturing have the advantage of

"on the comprehensive cost, hand tool in this segment of the industry, is certainly Chinese manufacturing advantages. Superstar technology chairman Chou Jianping told reporters that there may be some products such as glass, the United States manufacturing costs lower than China, but most products, the competitiveness of China made significantly higher than other parts of the world.

economist: a

China University of Political Science and Law researcher Wu Changhai financial capital two-way flow of funds in an interview said that from the international economic integration process, this is a kind of the inflow and outflow of funds, "this is Chinese going out of business performance, is a process of two-way flow, capital outflows and now lead the basic balance, we do need some enterprises to go.

CEI China Enterprise Research Institute Secretary General Tang Dajie does not endorse public opinion said money foot argument. He believes that this is a lot of domestic enterprises and even a revelation. If the right face, it will have a positive impact on the domestic physical industry. Famous critic Tao short housing also pointed out that while the U.S. auto industry "bottomed out" opportunity "landing", reflects Cao Dewang's keen market insight and aggressive ambition.

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