9 weeks uprising mission no mounts? After the task to Gul'dan

Er Dan mounts task Talisman

tuwanwang· 2016-12-20 22:54:49

uprising success, will get a "mission! Dark fortress: The Shadow Council leader, need to beat the fort's night.

someone has completed the uprising mission line today, achieved success but found no arcane magic panther.

because the first step is to obtain the uprising achievement of the leopard, but not the end of the task.

uprising success, will get a "mission! Dark fortress: The Shadow Council leader, need to beat the fort's night.

" finished "beat Gul'dan fortress: The Shadow Council chief night!" after the task, will get several tasks. Which contains a task "! Fall night elf destiny", leopard magic blade after this mission will really reward arcanist! "

" the key to this step into the night elves fate, because the test Gul'dan is difficult, data mining is not out. So no one knows this task requires

! At the same time, the dark fortress enters when Talitha will give you a "multi task! Summer thunder amulet", hit 4 times to kill Sander collected avery echoes.

this task as open door task actually similar to emerald nightmare "".

" in his ordinary heroes and epic difficulty each have a task. Unlike the emerald nightmare is the door and sent directly to the task of avery dark fortress in front of Sander, will reward items "ordinary 875+ hero 890+ 905+ epic" necklace. Not just the heroic difficulty of the screenshot!

night fortress also has some hidden tasks, such as "uprising Insurrection-Capper".

in short, waiting for January to open the night fortress.

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