818 "ghost" Ruby Lin a strange ornate SM

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< p = "max-width: 100%; min-height: 1em; white-space: pre-wrap; color RGB (62, 62, 62); line-height: 25.6000003814697px; box-sizing: border box! Important; word-wrap: break-word! Important; background-color: RGB (255, 255, 255)." > by Wen Jun producer, Raymond Yip director, ruby starred in the strange magnificent horror film the devil's den the phantom of the opera "will be on April 28, national release. "Ghost" the Ruby Lin in the film played is during the period of the Republic of China, the glamorous movie queen, due to filming and played by Tony Yang, director of youth Gu Weibang become attached to. Unique film drama drama narrative mode, beautiful strange Chinese thriller scene, the magic theater mysterious reproduction, set off a new trend of Chinese thriller posture.


! Amazing ghost after the actress appeared as horror drama drama Jie Xiao past miwuchongchong

our in the phantom the enchanted plays the role of modeling extreme stunning, in the film born origin of the mystery of her, invited to shoot photographed by young talent Gu Weibang (played by Tony Yang) directed the thriller midnight songstress". Who wants to film after the shooting strange frequent -- cast actor died mysteriously, investment businessman spontaneous human combustion, the mysterious mask haunted. Shooting Palace Theater Wraith reborn, ghosts surround, horror rumors. Film, film queen our but abandoned to the Tony Yang, in the heavy thriller again insisted, a connected with her anecdotage rises to surface at this point.

it is reported that film everywhere filled with the sincerity. Difficult choices of affection and love, the complex relationship between the characters, the swing back and forth in the plot of the story, the narrative pattern of the opera will be thriller atmosphere and plot running through them. In April we have Miss Leslie Cheung, the phantom of the enchanted gorgeous screen, Ruby Lin, Tony Yang will Republic of legendary secrets interpretation sad tactfully, thrilling, again in the thriller sung song Sadomasochism truth.

strange scene reappearance gorgeous Chinese star studded lift thriller new trend

over the Beijing No. 81" twice as much capital investment, exquisite lifelike Chinese scene building, everywhere visible film side of the phantom of the enchanted attentively production. During the period of the Republic of China in Shanghai downtown, rich style of Chinese streets, in the sense of full of old cars, gorgeous scenery, athletic build, Mengpo Tang, camera film cleverly shoot sad passers-by who is a ghost and mystery, a detail compared to "Beijing No. 81" more sincerity, will present a magnificent strange, depending on the effect of shock horror blockbuster.

it is understood, the phantom of the enchanted Zhuchuang lineup are unprecedented strong, wonderful interpretation of well-known actor in" Chinese thriller iron triangle "Wen Juan, interrogation, ruby teamed up again under, appeared for the strength of more golden horse best actor Simon yam, Huang Huan, Zhang Zifeng, etc., Huang Lei, Li Jing, he Yunwei surprise to join. All star lineup for the film is full of exciting to watch, fantastic, thriller shocking visual effects and set exquisite, ingenuity narrative mode is set off a new trend of the Chinese thriller posture.

Movie enchanted the phantom of the opera" produced by Bona Film Group Co., Ltd., Hangzhou and run pictures Co., Ltd., television culture Co., Ltd. Dongyang Hongjing, Bona Entertainment Co., Ltd., co - produced by Beijing and run Hongmeng film Co., Ltd., times all the music film Co., Ltd., Beijing lithography era technology Co., Ltd, will be on April 28, national release.

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