Apple began to worry about users do not buy iPhone7?

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tengxunshuma· 2016-12-21 06:51:45

intelligent mobile phone market is saturated, even apple also felt some crisis. In all the analysts, the market research company all look bad in the case of iPhone, Apple released the iPhone SE at the beginning of this year, an old design, but the hardware update "new wine", because the price is low, the market reaction seems quite good.

previously, 9to5mac has published a review article, iPhone iPhone Series 7 SE may have a certain impact, from a certain point of view, this argument is established. So, iPhone 7 doomed not successful? Apple also had to start caring about iPhone 7 how to please the user this thing.


iPhone series never support waterproof function, even by iPhone 6S has found that dismantling, great progress in water resistant design, but Apple has never been mentioned on official occasions. Samsung S7 re support waterproof features, widely praised by users. In fact, users do not want to use the phone in the water, but do not want to use the phone carefully. Even life is waterproof, for iPhone 7 will also be a big selling point, at least, you do not have to worry about it by rain erosion.

the Home key integrated into the screen

although users can set from the auxiliary function to virtual Home key to call out, but still inconvenience. Meanwhile, slightly larger Home key to some extent, the impact of the fuselage to further reduce, this is not a more modern concept of mobile design. In iPhone 6s/6s Plus, apple added 3D Touch multitasking operation, to some extent can no longer rely on the Home key to enter the multitasking interface, in fact, is a bright spot. The leaked patent shows that Apple has been considering the Home key removed, the fingerprint sensor directly integrated within the screen panel, which is actually a good concept. Even if iPhone 7 can not cancel the Home key, we also want to see 3D Touch operation further in-depth, refinement, as the key technology to cancel the Home key.

camera upgrade

this year, a large number of intelligent mobile phone product upgrade the camera in their own ways, such as the Samsung S7 LG G5 dual pixel technology, and the HUAWEI P9 dual lens etc.. Obviously, Apple also needs to do something. The current mainstream rumor is that Apple will launch a dual lens iPhone version 7 (Plus or Pro), the spy photos leaked on the Internet, looks quite true. Taking into account the previous acquisition of apple image company, released a series of new patents and other acts, the news is still a certain degree of credibility. Obviously, if Apple just upgrade camera resolution, improve software effects, may not be attractive, consumers need a cool, better camera.

real breakthrough in battery life
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although each generation of iPhone hardware are improved battery life, but did not decline, it may have been improved, but people really want is you can use the full two days of iPhone. In the case of new battery technology in the ascendant, Apple may wish to change ideas, do not tangle in the thickness of a few millimeters, but to increase battery capacity, which users want to see.

iPhone has been nearly 10 years, experienced a period of about the 5 major design updates, annual hardware will upgrade, also brought new technology Siri, Touch ID, 3D Touch etc.. But obviously, it needs a more comprehensive, better upgrade or innovation, especially in the case of the smartphone market saturation.

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