There will be 384 days next year, many people can have a birthday of the two!

Birthday multiplayer calendar return year

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and more than a month, the Lunar New Year is coming jeongyujaeran chicken. Chicken year from January 28, 2017, the end of February 15, 2018, a total of 384 days. See the number 384, some buddy might say: "the days of the Lunar New Year and the calendar year is not the same as I can understand, but this difference was 19 days, really not bully me reading less? "

in this regard, astronomy experts said, the upcoming Lunar year is a leap year.

"nineteen years seven leap

astronomy education experts, Tianjin astronomical society director Zhao Zhiheng said, in the Gregorian calendar, the earth around the sun, turn a week for a return, there are 365 days, a leap year has 366 days. And the traditional Chinese lunar calendar is based on the cycle of the moon lack of change based on a month about 29.5306 days, 12 months for 354 days or 355 days, less than Yang calendar year less than 11 days.

if the number of days at the lunar and solar calendar so that the difference between it, there will be the Spring Festival in the summer phenomenon. In order to solve this contradiction, the method of setting the leap. The current Chinese intercalation method is nineteen years and seven leap ", namely plus 7 lunar leap year in 19 years. The lunar leap year because more than a month, so a year has 383 days to 385 days, and the lunar leap year generally have 353 to 355 days.

Zhao Zhiheng said that the upcoming Lunar New Year chicken has a leap in June, therefore, this year a total of 6 month (29 days per month) and 7 months (30 days per month), 384 days a year. A leap year in the 2014 Lunar New Year of the horse, and a leap year will appear in the 2020 lunar new year.

what month is a leap month? Ask twenty-four

which month do solar term leap, in 24 solar term and Chinese lunar calendar, twenty-four solar term will be divided into twelve and twelve in the solar term, each lunar month usually include a solar term and a gas. Due date will be delayed by twenty-four solar term in the Chinese calendar, if in a lunar month, gas happen to fall at the end of the month, will result in no case next month. This is not in a month will become the last month of the month. For example,

, 2017 June lunar new year ended in July 22nd, from the beginning of July 23rd, a month later, until the end of August 21st. In this month, only the beginning of autumn and a solar term, not in the air, this month will become a leap in June".

lunar leap year, you may encounter these things

whenever the lunar leap occurs, you and your buddy may encounter these interesting things.

was born in June to the two birthday of buddy

for lunar June born buddy, what is next year if my friends asked the wayward chicken, you can tell him loudly: I can have two birthday!

but if your friend did "counter", tell you a year old two "… …

2018 year until February 16th

the upcoming Lunar jeongyujaeran chicken year is 384 days, this also means that the Spring Festival in 2018 will have to wait until February 16. Imagine you had finished the Spring Festival holiday in 2017 and early February, back on the job and work for a year, looked up at the calendar, there are half a month to leave … … at this time, your mood may be: "

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