Miserable! 14 ponds were shut down in 15 minutes"

Fish pond Guangzhou Jiangmen death

jiangmenguangbodianshi· 2016-12-21 13:41:06

Jiangmen Pengjiang District Hetang Tagang village

of the villagers, most of the fish for a living. Near the end of the year, seeing fish pond quickly listed, we are looking forward to selling a good price, earn a new year. But on Sunday (December 18th), there are 14 ponds of fish, just ten minutes into the fish. The villagers Hu Dashu

" Tagang pond village, the village contracted two ponds, raised nearly 100 thousand pounds of fish and a small amount of four fish, and a total investment of about 800000 yuan. Recently, he was talking about the price ready to sell fish. Unexpectedly, a sudden accident happened last Sunday morning.

said his uncle Hu, from the side of the river water into the pond, the river was very clear, but I don't know what is going on, a row of 15 minutes, fish ponds began to float! Uncle Hu felt wrong, immediately shut the pump, but also sprinkled some emergency medicine, but soon, the pond four fish all died, after cleaning up a round, the bodies of these two natural fish have surfaced. This Creek

" Uncle Hu diversion, almost all ponds through Tagang village, and in the morning from the creek in over 12 other export raised four fish ponds, appeared dead.

" because the fish is too many, these days, only the main pond fish fishing ashore, buried in the pond digging, in situ harmless treatment.

contracted several villagers in the pond have said heavy losses in! Some villagers even lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Fish pond owners said, because of this diversion River on his way through the factory, so they suspected Creek Pollution lead to dead fish incident!

" this, comprehensive agricultural service center has been involved in the follow-up treatment pond. Staff: We contacted Pengjiang district agriculture and forestry and Water Affairs Bureau immediately sent staff to the water pumping, pumping total of 16 water samples from each port accident are pumping water ponds, rivers also smoke, smoke a control pond water is no accident, ponds, and horse. Sent to the Guangzhou laboratory.

id_imagebox_7 test results about 10 days after the release of the class=. At present, relevant departments are to assist in the rehabilitation and rehabilitation work main pond!