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original title: December 20, 2016, foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying held a regular press conference "

asked: Norway foreign minister Brand said, and the normalization of relations is two sides at all levels through long and arduous diplomatic efforts to rebuild mutual trust results. What is China's comment?

: I want to reiterate that the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Award and the award of the event is related with Norway root relationship. Norway has conducted a profound reflection on this, fully aware of China's position and concerns. In a joint statement issued by the government and the two countries, Norway is China's core interests and major concerns made important commitments are clear that fully respect the development path and social system Chinese, reaffirmed its adherence to the one China Chinese policy, fully respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity, does not support the harm China's core interests and major concerns behavior. China believes that Norway will abide by the promise, to maintain a good word, Norway basis and premise to restart the relationship.

asked: since 2010 between China and Norway interrupted exchanges. The two countries yesterday announced a comprehensive set of bilateral relations, do you have any comment on this time around? Now announced again if there are special reasons? Why the two sides took 6 years to decide to save?

: after the 2010 Sino Palestinian relations deteriorated, the two sides conducted several in-depth dialogue. Norway Norway reasons for the damage of mutual trust in a profound reflection, and lessons, rebuild mutual trust with China reached important consensus on China's core interests and major concerns made important commitments are clear and provide necessary conditions for the normalization of bilateral relations between the two sides. In this case, the bland foreign minister's visit to China, the two sides issued a statement on the normalization of bilateral relations, it should be said to be natural, in line with the common interests of China and norway. I note that all walks of life in Norway have also welcomed the normalization of bilateral relations between China and Norway, which is in line with the common interests of China and Norway.

asked: China has returned to the United States unmanned underwater vehicles, to specific locations where? Is a high-profile or low-key way to return? China is disassembled and studied the underwater vehicles?

: you seem to be really concerned about this. But first I want to remind you that yesterday the U.S. State Department spokesman Kirby repeatedly corrected, said the unmanned underwater vehicles is not DRONE, but UUV.

noon today, China's Ministry of defense news agency has released a message. The two sides through friendly consultations, in December 20th is at noon today, the United States completed unmanned underwater vehicles over the waters in the South China Sea work smoothly. As for the details, I do not understand. If you care, ask the Department of defense news.

asked: Russian ambassador to Turkey Andre · 19 evening in Ankara was shot dead in. Russia said the incident is a terrorist act, Russia will resolutely fight terrorism in the end. Multinational has condemned this. What is China's comment?

: China is deeply shocked and saddened by the Russian ambassador to Turkey. This is a serious terrorist acts seriously endanger the personal safety of diplomatic personnel. China strongly condemns this. Our ambassador Karl Love killed condolences, to express our sincere condolences to his family and the Russian government and people.

I would like to reiterate here that China firmly opposes all forms of terrorism and firmly supports the efforts and actions of both sides of Russia and Russia to crack down on terrorism and is ready to work with the international community to strengthen counter-terrorism cooperation.

: it is reported that the gunmen seem to want to express their dissatisfaction with Russia's role in Syria through the assassination of Russian ambassador to Turkey. Do you have any comment?

A: first of all, I would like to stress that China is firmly opposed to engaging in terrorist activities on any pretext.

on the Syria issue, the Chinese side has been concerned about the development of the situation in Syria, the Syrian people suffered profound sympathy for the war. The international community should comprehensively implement policies to seek comprehensive, just and proper settlement of the Syrian issue as soon as possible. Especially in the current complex and sensitive situation, we must adhere to the general direction of a political solution to the Syrian issue does not waver, promote the restoration of the ceasefire and political negotiations, cooperation in counter-terrorism and humanitarian relief four track work, adhere to the UN to play the role of the main channel, the resumption of political dialogue as soon as possible. China is willing to continue to work with the international community to promote an early political settlement of the Syria issue in an objective and impartial position.

: bilateral relations changed again, in Norway will immediately restart the economic and trade cooperation in all areas? Whether to restart bilateral FTA negotiations? Answer:

in Norway reconstruction to restore and strengthen political mutual trust and pragmatic cooperation in various fields accords with the common interests of both sides, but also all the concern from all walks of life in and look forward to the relationship between the development of mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries are committed to the. The two sides agreed to move in to the normalization of relations as an opportunity to actively promote pragmatic cooperation in various fields to achieve new development in the new starting point, to achieve a higher level of mutual benefit, for the benefit of the two countries and the two peoples. The two sides agreed to sign bilateral FTA negotiations, jointly issued a clear signal to promote trade and investment liberalization facilitation.

: yesterday, a truck crash occurred in Berlin, Germany christmas bazaar incident, causing many casualties. What is China's comment?

A: we have seen the reports noted that Germany is now investigating. China last night in Berlin, Germany truck collision Christmas market events shocked, condolences to the victims, condolences to the injured and the families of the victims.

founder pay close attention to the investigation of events. Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs and the Chinese Embassy in Germany has launched the emergency response mechanism for the first time after the incident, issued an early warning and fully understand whether there are Chinese citizens in the event of casualties.

Q: yesterday, did the two sides discuss the Norway prime minister's visit to China next spring? Whether the two sides are doing relevant preparations? Do you think this visit can take place? Could you tell me the specific time?

: after joint efforts, the two sides have reached an important consensus on the reconstruction of political mutual trust and the normalization of bilateral relations. We are willing to work together with Norway on the basis of mutual respect, equality principle, take care of each other's core interests and major concerns, and promote the sustained and healthy and stable development of bilateral relations.

on this issue you care about, we are willing to maintain communication with norway.

asked: we note that the last two days, in Jordan, Switzerland and other terrorist attacks occur frequently. How do you view the current international anti-terrorism situation and counter-terrorism cooperation?

: indeed, these days the world is not calm, a series of terrorist attacks, resulting in many casualties. This fully shows that terrorism is the common enemy of mankind. Current extreme terrorist forces wreak havoc, the international anti-terrorism situation is complex and severe. Combating all forms of violent terrorist acts should be the common responsibility and priority of regional and international communities.

China resolutely opposes all acts of terrorism and supports efforts by the international community to combat terrorism. We believe that the international community to strengthen cooperation on counter-terrorism, one is to abandon the "double standard", give full play to the leading role, the United Nations in the international anti-terrorism struggle to form a joint force; the two is to properly resolve regional issues, to curb terrorism spread momentum; the three is to take a long-term eye, political economy, culture and diplomacy the comprehensive means of governance, tackling the problem of terrorism go.

Q: first, Malaysia Airlines MH370 aircraft investigation team suggested to expand the search, but the Australian side did not respond positively. Do you have any comment on this? Second, the United Nations said, over the past few weeks, the war in northern Burma Burma border into the territory China. Can you prove it?

answer: on the first question, about Malaysia Airlines MH370 aircraft search work specific circumstances, please understand the competent authorities. I would like to emphasize that Malaysia Airlines MH370 airliner incident, the Chinese government attaches great importance to actively participate in the disposal of the work. We will continue to work closely with Malaysia and Australia to maintain close communication and cooperation.

on the second issue, I do not understand the specific circumstances, the need to understand the relevant departments to verify. But I want to emphasize that the North Burma conflict is directly related to the safety and stability in the China Burma border area, we call on the parties to the conflict to solve problems through dialogue and consultation with China to work together to maintain peace and tranquility in the border areas, border areas to maintain the safety of people's life and property safety.

question: on the Russian ambassador to Turkey was killed, the perpetrators of the move aimed at retaliation for Russia's actions in Syria. China has been supported by Russia at the UN on the Syria issue. Is China worried that it will become the target of terrorist attacks? Whether China will strengthen the security of the consulate stationed in the territory, and to Chinese citizens to visit the soil to remind?

answer: I first answer second questions. The Chinese government has always attached great importance to the safety of China's overseas staff, including diplomats. For the presence of security risks and risks in the region, we will promptly release security tips to remind China to strengthen security in local personnel, and take the necessary measures to protect personal and institutional security.

the first question you mentioned relates to China's position on the Syria issue. I want to say is China, including Syria and other regional issues, always uphold the objective and fair position, be judged according to the thing itself the right and wrong, and policy. China has maintained a fair and objective position on these issues and played an active and constructive role, contributing to the settlement of regional hot spots and playing an important constructive role in promoting world peace and stability.

as you mentioned China's support for Russia, you know that China and Russia maintain a high level of comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between China and russia. We believe that China and Russia to strengthen strategic communication and cooperation in major international and regional issues, is a positive energy to promote peace and stability in the region, we will continue to maintain close communication with Russia in international and regional affairs, work together for world into more stable factors.

asked: China Norway relations show that whether the Chinese side on the Nobel peace prize, especially the change of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize?

A: according to Nobel's wishes, Nobel peace prize should be awarded "to promote ethnic harmony, promote international friendship, promoting disarmament and peace conference held for the publicity and efforts of the people". Hope that the award is really conducive to promoting world peace and development.

in the past some people for political purposes, the Nobel Peace Prize awarded Chinese mistakenly engaged in separatist and undermining national unity and China criminals inciting subversion of state power, this is not only contrary to the wishes of Mr. Nobel and the Nobel Peace Prize for the purpose, is a gross interference in China's internal affairs Chinese, clear and firm against this position will not change.

asked: according to reports, the United States in response to China's capture of unmanned underwater vehicles, Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Jian Yiwei said on the 19, the Japanese side hopes to quickly resolve the incident, and that the Chinese side is necessary to the international community to explain the incident. How does China respond?

answer: Japanese too worried. Does this matter with Japan?

Q: it is reported that Taiwan said today that Cai Yingwen will visit the Central America next month, but did not provide Cai transit U.S. details, because they have not made a final decision. I recently asked whether the Chinese side and the United States had communication, asked the United States not let Cai transit U.S.?

: the one China principle is a common consensus of the international community and our consistent principle of dealing with Taiwan's foreign affairs. We hope that relevant countries prudently handle Taiwan related issues.

you mentioned about the leaders of the Taiwan region may "transit" problems in the United States, I think her true purpose is self-evident, we hope that the United States with a China policy and the three Sino US joint communiques, does not allow the "transit", do not send any wrong signals to the "Taiwan independence" forces, and take practical action to maintain the overall situation of Sino US relations and peace and stability in the Taiwan strait.

asked: China Department of Defense said in a statement, the two sides through friendly consultations after the transfer of unmanned underwater vehicles. Could you introduce some details of the negotiations?

A: I just answer questions in the Reuters has said that the two sides through friendly consultations, at noon today has been completed the handover of unmanned underwater vehicles. For details, I have no information available, please contact the mod directly. But I think, from the handling of the incident can be seen, the operation mechanisms of communication and consultation between the establishment of Sino US military relations is relatively smooth, the timely disposal of emergencies, has played a positive role to prevent misunderstanding misjudgment. As an important part of Sino US relations, stable relations between the two militaries can help enhance mutual understanding between the two countries to prevent misunderstanding misjudgment, maintaining good relations and healthy and stable development momentum. This is beneficial to China and the United States and is also beneficial to peace and stability in the region.

: compared with China government publicly, China official media attitude to U.S. President elect Barack Trump seems to be more rigid. This is the Trump team is a new normal? How well does the official media reflect government opinion?

answer: you mention this question is very interesting. I don't know the extent to which American media reflect the views of the U.S. government. In China, the media have the right and freedom to reflect their views.

for the Chinese government, in Sino US Relations position is very clear, I was actually on the "Wall Street journal" reporter also talked about the importance of the Sino US relations is self-evident, Sino US relations have maintained healthy and stable development is also beneficial for both sides. We hope to work together with the United States on the basis of mutual respect and equality, through close communication, continue to enhance mutual trust, properly handle differences, and jointly safeguard the healthy and stable development of Sino US relations.

asked: if Trump came to power to continue to adhere to its hard line policy, how will China respond?

A: you just mentioned "if", for hypothetical questions, I do not answer. We value the policies and words of the U.S. government. We hope the United States will respect China's core interests and major concerns, together with China to deal constructively in the relations between the two countries facing some differences or problems, to maintain the good momentum of development of Sino US relations, I think this is fundamentally in line with the United States and the American people's interests. Believe that any U.S. president will consider this policy decision.

Q: you just said that China and the United States to develop healthy and stable bilateral relations with the interests of the American people. Once the Sino US relations deteriorate, how will harm the interests of the American people?

A: China and the United States are the world's first and second largest economies, China and the United States accounted for 1/3 of the total economy of the world economy, the two countries and population accounted for 1/4 of the world, the bilateral trade volume accounted for 1/5 of total world trade. The importance of maintaining healthy and stable development of Sino US relations is self-evident.

after years of development, China has formed you have me, I have you, very deep interests of a relationship. We hope that both sides make joint efforts to promote Sino US relations continue along the correct direction of the conflict is not confrontation, mutual respect, cooperation and win-win going, which conforms to the fundamental interests of the two peoples, but also worthy of both sides to make unremitting efforts to this end.

question: can you cite examples of the deterioration of Sino US relations that would hurt the interests of the United States? Such as the field of trade?

A: we hope that the United States and China will work together to ensure the development of China US relations on the right track and avoid harm to the interests of the two peoples.

asked: Chinese Defense Ministry issued a statement later today at noon, the The Pentagon also issued a statement saying China illegally captured U.S. unmanned underwater vehicles, and asked China not to take further action to obstruct legitimate behavior the United states. What is China's comment?

: I haven't seen the DOD statement you mentioned. I would like to reiterate: first, the handling of this incident shows that the two militaries are relatively smooth communication channels, which is conducive to timely communication and disposal of emergencies, to prevent misjudgment. Second, I need to verify that you mentioned the U.S. Department of defense statement, if true, I think they are unreasonable. China has long pointed out that the U.S. military frequently sent ships and planes in Chinese to waters near the reconnaissance and military measurement, Chinese poses a threat to the sovereignty and security interests, which is the root of such events. China firmly opposes this and requests the US side to respect China's sovereignty and security interests and stop such activities.

asked: on the evening of December 19th, the Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 2328th on the issue of humanitarian supervision in Syria. This is the first time the Security Council unanimously adopted resolutions on humanitarian issues. According to reports, the parties to the resolution of serious differences, the consultation process is very difficult, but finally reached consensus. Please introduce relevant information. How does China comment on the resolution? What role does the resolution play?

: last night, the Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 2328th on the issue of humanitarian supervision in Syria, China welcomes this. This is a resolution on humanitarian nature, focusing on supporting the United Nations to continue to play an important coordinating role in the humanitarian relief operations in Syria to ease the grim humanitarian situation in syria.

members of the Security Council to resolve the humanitarian crisis in Syria is a consensus, cooperation is also based. Meanwhile, there are some differences between the parties, the key is not to politicize the humanitarian issue. During the resolution consultations, some members of the Security Council expressed legitimate and reasonable concerns, should be fully taken seriously and resolved. It is in this spirit, China to participate constructively in the consultations, and actively carry out mediation in the members of the Security Council, called on all parties towards the same direction, and strive to promote the Council reached the maximum degree of consensus, to avoid the "showdown" situation. The adoption of resolution

2328th has safeguarded the credibility of the Security Council and fully reflects that the Security Council is fully capable of finding solutions to any complex and sensitive issue through consultation. Implementation of the resolution will improve the well-being of the Syrian people, and lay a good foundation for the next phase of the political solution to promote the Syria issue.

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