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phrase both in spoken part or in the writing section is an important part of the color is likely. Believe that each pro forma students not only reserve a considerable vocabulary, but also pay particular attention to the accumulation of phrases. There are many phrases in the IELTS composition is often used, but some are not suitable for IELTS composition. If you want your IELTS writing to get high marks, you should pay attention to avoid improper phrases in the composition. This article arranged for each of the 15 IELTS Writing avoid phrases.

1. a lot of/lots of

the phrase generally do not appear in the academic essay, the examiner has tired of watching. Can use A considerable of instead of number.

2. Everything two sides/every coin has sides

said with did not say the same, the obvious facts, not to use the future of the, tow.

3. Recently

this word is not good. According to their argument is too imprecise, not a specific time. Can use In the last 5 years... /since... In place of.

4. There is survey...

has been only say if you actually know one. of that is, these examiners know that you are compiled, it is best not to use the.

5. And, because, but

these three words we often use. In fact, it is best to use in addition, therefore, however, etc. instead.

6. can not use vivid to describe world, vivid can be used to say memories or dream and the like.

7. No can deny one that... /Undoubtedly

these 2 phrases are too absolute to begin with. In fact, everyone can hold the opposite attitude with you.

8. in a word

many people will use it to do conclusion. If you're going to use this phrase to draw your point, you'd better generalize in one word, who made you write that?.

9. Nowadays

reasons and almost 3, the word used in the article seems too ordinary, it does not very It is a well known much.

10. fact... It is best not to use

, some examiners will be penalized.

11. advantages disadvantages

was replaced with merits and drawback and pros cons

12. In my opinion, I (DIS) agree with this.

which was redundant expression of and. When stating opinion you with a IELTS articles in the tens of thousands can not use abbreviations, such as I 'm follow fact.

13. Do not make lazy in the examination room, usually best not to write abbreviations, a lot of attention, develop habits.

14. very cannot be used to describe delicious, lovely, fantastic, wonderful, amazing, gorgeous and huge.

15. human being

can be replaced with man kind.

above these 15 phrases, because inaccurate also not standard, affects everybody to obtain the IELTS writing high score.

so, as much as possible to grasp some accurate academic vocabulary to complete the IELTS writing is the only proper course to take get IELTS score.

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