Thin! Japan 0.02 mm paper phone shell

In Japan mobile phone shell organdy notebook

qudongzhijia· 2016-12-21 22:44:38

Japan Shikoku region and paper made the world's thinnest and paper - standard paper, this paper thickness of only 0.02 mm, a square meter weight of only about 1.6 grams.

production in large machinery now, day high and paper still maintains a small workshop production, high and paper has claimed that code is the world "the most out of paper thin and paper", but did not receive certification authority.

code out although the paper is very thin, has excellent tension, and excellent light transmittance of , placed the pieces of paper out code overlap on the newspaper will not affect the text reading, repair field is widely used in the ancient books and cultural relics.

in recent years, they developed a color code out of paper, and the strength is close to a new generation of plastic and paper , with special staining techniques, used to make fall proof anti-skid mobile phone shell, notebook computer protection film.

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