The children want to grow high, may rub "long hole"

Children grow taller develop sleep

39jiankangwang· 2016-04-30 00:17:38

the ancients pay attention to the harmony between man and nature. Spring Branch drawn, grass elongation. Want to let the children grow taller, in addition to strengthening nutrition, pay attention to exercise, parents should also give more children to massage a few key points. In order to increase the operation of the meridians and the body and blood of the body, promote metabolism, is conducive to the development of bone, can achieve a multiplier effect.


it in front of the lower leg lateral, when the calf nose 3 inches, from the leading edge of the tibia a transverse middle finger (that) every day by 3-5 minutes.

it is located in the head is center, in the corner of the two ears straight with the eyebrows back line of intersection. Daily massage for 2 minutes can hearten Yang, Fuzhengquxie, kiyotoshi leader.


children prone, bare back, parents apply talcum powder, with both hands finger, ring finger and little finger grip into half a fist shaped, forefinger half flexion, the thumb straight alignment in the first half of the index finger and then withstood the children's skin, thumb and index finger forward, to mention take flesh, also to twisting, since the caudal side (i.e., on both sides of the spine) with both hands alternately pushed forward to Dazhui (neck after a prominent) on both sides. Before sleep

every night, give the child pinch 3 to 5 times, to regulate children's digestive system, enhance resistance.

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