4 year old boy to eat McDonald's open toy car hurricane 3 kilometers

McDonald's toy car boy police

zhongguotaiwanwang· 2016-12-21 22:50:03

" China Taiwan news network December 21st, according to Taiwan's "United Daily News" reported that the Tainan city police station police on the morning of 20 received a public report, said a small boy isdriving BMW toy electric cars on the road around. The police quickly brought him back to the police station, happened to the boy to the police station for parents. See the son of All is well. put down the stone in the heart.

the police investigation, the 4 year old boy surnamed Lin, from the residence to Simon Road Ling'an Road 2 section of McDonald's, a distance of 3 kilometers. It turned out he was buying McDonald's fries, actually opened a toy car alone on the road. Although not buy French fries, but fortunately All is well., just a false alarm.

police station, said yesterday morning received a public report 8 points, saying that seeing a child alone driving electric cars, very dangerous. The police quickly went to the treatment, follow the clues provided by the public search, finally in the North Haian road 3 people find block down about the boy.

the boy's mother woke up, found his son missing, anxious to report to the police station, just catch the police back to the son, holding his son moved on.

original title: Taiwan 4 year old boy want to eat McDonald's, alone open toy electric car traveling for 3 km

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