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Emergency vehicle girl Tieling hospital

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" (the Huludao high-speed traffic police ambulance to lead the way in front of for the sick child to open up Easy Access. The traffic police for map)

, another relay traffic police escort, to help pull isolation, retrograde when girls

10 years old in critical condition, the ambulance departure from Shenyang to Beijing for treatment via Suizhong, 3 consecutive days of fog highway leading to serious traffic jam. Critical juncture, Huludao high-speed traffic police 3 police and a race against time, clean up the emergency Lane vehicle, find the nearest route through traffic, soft belt removed soft belt retrograde escort. When the ambulance road suddenly burst, traffic police and emergency help when the exclusion of danger, security will be escorted to the border of Hebei ambulance.

12 month 21 days, Huludao high-speed traffic police brigade captain Hao Shusen told reporters, from receiving help to escort the children to the success of the boundary of Hebei with only 21 minutes.

12 20 afternoon at 3:15 PM, Huludao high-speed traffic police brigade received a command center: a China Medical University Affiliated Hospital ambulance from Suizhong to Beijing direction, the car is in need of help children in critical condition. Because 3 consecutive days of fog, highways closed, stranded a lot of large trucks, ambulances slow driving. A high speed

high speed is on duty immediately notify the brigade vice captain Li Zhongqi, while Li Zhongqi led Zhang Di auxiliary in Jinghagaosu Qianwei period of rapid heading to Suizhong, to the side of captain Hao Shusen. Hao Shusen immediately launched the emergency plan, decided to set up three emergency response team, a group of police Li Dong, auxiliary police in the vicinity of Suizhong Jinlong service area to clean up Beijing in the direction of the emergency Lane vehicles; two sets of auxiliary police led Li Zhongqi Zhang Di waiting for the ambulance, and find the nearest soft belt take route through traffic; the three group led by Hao Shusen He Yongcheng to the scene of the police command stop let the passage of life to the ambulance on the highway trucks, demolition of soft belt across the highway, escorted to 10000 high-speed toll in Beijing exports to the direction of Shenyang highway retrograde.

(family members of the patient in the ambulance care sick children). Police for map)

3:18 p.m., two groups and the police in the direction of the three groups in the direction of the Suizhong service area from the Beijing km to find emergency vehicles, and according to the scheduled implementation of the rescue plan 1.5. Hao Shusen led police and auxiliary police unarmed pulled out two groups of soft isolation from the cement, the two or three group of police cars to guide the ambulance in Beijing to Shenyang direction retrograde to ten thousand. At the same time to report to the superior request vanguard battalion support. Vanguard brigade to take measures flow in the direction of Shenyang, the police arranged collusion, and contact the Hebei high-speed traffic police support.

but when the rear tire suddenly ambulance driving to 328 km at the time, Hao Shusen He Yongcheng led the police quickly to help change the tire.

3:36 p.m., after 18 minutes of retrograde escort of more than and 40 km, ambulances were safely guided to the vanguard brigade. At this point, ten thousand battalion 6 police are going all out standby, police and safety ambulance escorted to Hebei high-speed traffic police section. Subsequently, Hebei traffic police relay again, finally in the evening will be sent to Beijing children safety. The child's family in Liaoning and Hebei police relay rescue indebted forever.

12 21, the reporter contacted the help of mr.. He introduced the sick girl who lives in Tieling, 10 years old, reading primary school grade five. December 12th in a hospital in Shenyang, suffering from mesenteric artery obstruction, pneumonia, etc., at 1 on the morning of December 19th and more removed the small intestine of 1.5 meters. Day 3:40 Xu, the child out of the operation room, and spent 5 hours in the intensive care unit has not regained consciousness, the family decided to visit Beijing. Day 9 am, the child from the ambulance escort departure from Shenyang, only to travel to Suizhong ambulance service area about about 1.5 km, suffered a big traffic jam, but had no choice but to help Huludao traffic police.

Mr. Sai told reporters that the child more than 9 pm that day, Beijing Children's Hospital, and on the morning of the same day did a surgery, the child is still in intensive care unit in the morning of 20.

· ZAKER Shenyang Liaoshen Evening News reporter Hu Qing;