MK, you in the eyes of the national LOL women's team champion MK

Lol the National Women's team champion

tuwanwang· 2016-12-21 22:55:11

MK women's Gaming Club regularly push gaming information, women's information, the star anchor, entertainment gossip, events and other high-quality content in 2015, was established in October, belonging to the Hangzhou Jie net Network Technology Co. Ltd., to cultivate young talented players, all-round development of e-sports industry, do the strongest domestic female team about us, win-win cooperation!!

" on the night of December 18th, 2016NTF the last championship race into the white hot stage, the situation I hold has been sweating whirling. Hands, hold your breath carefully looked at the screen in a Move around, but the manager and coach to leave on tenterhooks, tension was not watching the game screen......

" when the team picked a headset incredible smile, we screamed and rushed the stage to celebrate the three fully and delightfully war, even cheer almost exhausted, we win, we came to the end, we are the champion!

" then came to accept the award, the team is like a dream and dream too wonderful for words. Come true......

draw from the beginning to the final championship, along the way, all. Whether or compressive defensive attack, the team demonstrated a strong toughness and tension. In the semi-finals second innings in the head than the 3 to 14 behind the opponent, the last wave with excellent judgment to seize the opportunity to complete the comeback. The first game finals very stalemate, MK in a lineup of advantage in the case of Hanfu opponent, second MK single out one hand black & Lacus Lacus with little sister, finally teamfight first seconds off across the enchantress of the opportunity, MK successfully regain a bureau. The last battle of life and death, MK pulled out a set of POKE system, and the hero's understanding and team advantage to the extreme, play a POKE lineup of textbook teaching, shocked the audience, so that all the audience amazed.

" League of women's team developed more and more professional standardization, from the early rise of the profit as a gimmick to bar women now specializing in training talented people's Gaming Club, everyone on the team women's perceptions and attitudes are changing, at least this once, so many viewers did not dare to underestimate women's strength, never questioned the meaning of the existence of women.

2016NTF electronic athletics carnival is by far the League women's competition bonus contest is the highest, the total prize money of up to 600000 yuan, not only has a high influence on the women's team, the professional level and team level has also attracted a lot of attention to team TGA men's occupation is gratifying, and we have been in continuous learning to improve yourself, get rid of the people the impression that the traditional "vase", with the strength to win the respect and applause, some men also offered to our training match.

" in my opinion, our most successful person is not power, but the entire team as one family, play together, work together, together to sell adorable, with the face of any difficulty, work together to achieve the dream......

We are MK UP UP logging tired!!

for electronic sports to make our life more wonderful

MK thanks to the club management brought us together

attention thanks to every one of us, every cheer for us fans

thanks to our own, don't forget the heart, not the negative

time next, we will usher in South Korea in 25, Wuxi The women's tournament, we must cherish the learning and exchange opportunities, overcome all difficulties, courage, not to live up to their pay grade.

I can do it

I can make it

I never doubt myself

I have every confidence in myself

Nothing can stand in my way

I know, many girls have a dream of gaming, in this way, the pain and happiness. Not everyone will be lucky to get what they want, but there is always a love can not cool. And you will become us.

I hope that one day we can be calm in the face of his love of gaming, calm response

I love you, I dare to know the unknown fate of


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