Liu Yifei has such a material! The new snow cover beauty goddess

Cover goddess Liu Yifei ice and snow

tanzi· 2016-12-22 07:15:04

Liu Yifei has always been Xian Qi fluttering image, whether it is "eight guardians" in the fairy sister Wangyuyan, "or" the vast cold The legend of Condor Hero in Liu Yifei's fairy dust Helen of Troy, the title is not langdexuming.

Liu Yifei recently once again boarded the "bazaar" cover, whether makeup or clothes are full of fairies, looks like the snow princess

" just a on the side, Yan beauty fried

to kill Yan side!

wearing a dark dress, look like a proud queen like

" but see the photo, the jar (micro signal: tanziapp) attention is difficult focus to a site, this … … Liu Yifei, what time was so hot?

" fairy usually played too much, many people are not aware of Liu Yifei's stature is hot, see she used to attend the activities of dress will know, Liu Yifei size was completely underestimated!

" no, this is not simply a size wife Yang Mi early, wearing red clothes, look hot

" has been the face of Liu Yifei attract, do not know in addition to her original face, body is so presentable, no wonder the goddess of the male audience occupy seats for so many years.

angel face devil figure, said to be Liu Yifei's "

" but the jar brother (micro signal: tanziapp &hellip); … how Liu Yifei used to have this the boundless plain black history?

recently attended the event, red carpet photos, although the whole perspective, but it doesn't seem so impressive

" to participate in the activities of the Reuters is close look, look around ah

[seems the female star of the chest as their makeup, really let a person dare not believe. Look back the beautiful photos, found that because of the ice blocking the body will produce the illusion of big chest … …


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