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The elderly plot rake frail scholar

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why the mysterious old man a blow, why is the woman with a fierce, widowed widowed men and why yechuang ghost house? Today we'll guess what a story about Resident Evil 7 will be.

although the majority of the protagonist of the game are very durable, regardless of hurting the use of recovery after administration will recover, but I still want to beat the anti Tucao protagonist, Ethan is really special.

in the official trailer, we can see that he is the owner Jack Beck old man hit the floor has been the fist, rake (artifact, two brothers but common tools), broadax finally beaten, and even Li Sanguang Leon barely saw also bear down, this powerful personalresilience is really amazing.

hard anti chainsaw protagonist is still relatively rare...

... And Leon and Chris the general with special forces training "strong", the protagonist, look (at least is hand scrub) like a frail scholar but, be able to use any weapons found in the house, and the resisting ability is not lost to the gods who have been game player "g," two people.

" is actually above are personal reasons Tucao, I really feel the protagonist is not the "ordinary people" is actually in the process of the game. I believe we all know that the new added defense action, players in the event of attack can choose to use the arm to block thereby reducing damage to their own. But as mentioned above, the protagonist is almost unarmed block a lot of "incredible" attacks, then how to explain the "game" is also very difficult to convince people, especially still go real route "biochemical crisis" series.

addition, as previously predicted, the mansion although there are a lot of bodies, also have the old man to kill video tape, but the characters are not made the killer, just plain ", but the old man always called cuff and kick" protagonist as "one family", later released images. There are also "invited" the protagonist dinner in the plot, is enough to prove that the protagonist itself has some problems. In fact, to the Capcom demo, there are many traces show the protagonist is not the ordinary people, but I did not do more to disclose.

from the current information, it is not the protagonist into the house, but with a purpose to. In the official image we can see he received a call from a suspected old daughter, from the tone of the other party can be judged two people have met. From another trailer, we can see the protagonist seems to have died here to find my wife mia.

this trailer is also very interesting, the Japanese version of the title is called biochemical crisis". Start playing a very much like what research facilities explosion images, and then explains the Ethan thought had died suddenly found his wife of 3 years after he left the information to what people call, hurried to the house in the game.

" is like a facility exploded

now that the phone is likely to call Beck the old man's daughter, that is to say the protagonist is met and the daughter of Beck, she and Ethan or MIA good relationship (or not to call her), and the daughter of at least than the rest to normal". On the old man's daughter, in fact, in the previous guess has been guessed to have such a character, but do not know exactly what role she will play in the game.

" familiar with what happened to the house can call...

" trailer has been painted photos will be old daughter

in the play Demo game player you can find a video recording process program group a "dead" here the shooting program was finally wiped out the old man. Through this tape, we also know that this house has been abandoned for 3 years, and the protagonist wife just died 3 years, I don't believe that is simply a coincidence...

... The latest official update Demo, game player can trigger out of the mansion ending, although the Demo looks and I try the version of seemingly unrelated, but the official version of the game Ethan will ever escape this house?

combined with the official several trailers to see is very likely. In the previous trailer, there was a fragment of the player being dragged away, and the man's shoulders seemed to carry a woman. And in another trailer, the protagonist coma wake up, Beck was forced to invite a family dinner". It can be inferred that Ethan is likely to escape a big house, but was arrested by the old man of Beck, and shoulders are also likely to carry on the shoulders of the president of the United States, is also likely to be the case of the possibility of the death of the old man, but also on the shoulder is likely to be a.

" with Ethan carried the mysterious person Mia

about Ethan's wife mia, in fact, careful she should be the official game player can be found prior to the announcement of the "lantern" Demo hero, her trailer at Demo in the beginning and before Ethan repeatedly stressed that do not know a lot of things, she will look is the key to this event. The "lantern" Demo video effect also looks like watching videos in the game, there is reason to believe that this episode will be a video game in the bar. Ethan is also very likely to see this videotape and came here looking for his wife.

believes that the current contact with biochemical crisis 7 players are impressed by the punch Superman Beck old man. The old man in the mansion and often protagonist of a fist, the trailer can also punch through walls after lead, oppression did not lose the "tracker".

" welcome to be a member of the house of

in the trailer we can see some clues, this old man is also very strong, regardless of the protagonist with gun shooting, or burned him, he will not stop the action, we can say the restoring force is amazing. In addition to his son Lucas was cut off the arm after just muttered "again...", as if cut hands are accustomed to things. This shows that the family has amazing recovery capabilities, coupled with the protagonist itself, I believe they have a new virus in it. It is not difficult to understand why the old man called the protagonist family.

the old man's wife, although Margaret did not reflect the high place to play, but can be observed as if she has the ability to manipulate the insect, which is like a set of some old "biochemical crisis". (such as "Resident Evil 0" leech and Veronica "queen bee" code)

about the virus, according to current information, my bold conjecture and damp and gloomy about. I believe we are already in the demo Demo to see the "dead bacteria" in the basement, the monster in this article is not very strong, but it is the most "biochemical" style of the monster. The outcome of infection leading Demo in the demo, is because it attacks. The trailer has a similar fragment and the ending.

" in addition to the official a few trailers have a very color object erosion demonstration, the most obvious is the erosion of the old couple photos of objects, do not know whether to suggest what.

" based on current intelligence, I guess "Resident Evil 7" is likely to be such a story: Ethan is a secret agent will detective, picked up two meters, people love to get married, but 3 years ago, with MIA. Pregnant, working place suddenly exploded, the death of MIA (missing). One day, Ethan suddenly received a videotape that actually is sent to Mia's distress message, according to the information to the Beck house.

where he found a number of corpses (possibly also found, MIA) going out in alarm, is going to escape by Beck and the old man down, back into the house. During this period, Ethan is likely to have dangerous life, Mia injected him with a virus to save Ethan. So when the old man discovered that Ethan had the same ability as himself, he thought he was a family.

" MIA is likely to be Ann Bbu Leila or other officials, the Beck family is likely to be the victim. A new virus is a "black bacterium" that gives amazing healing power ".

" trailer of the little girl is very likely to be Mia and the children of Ethan

on the biochemical crisis 7 "story, so far only guess these, although earlier works is not too much, but enough" "if the biochemical what do you think of the story, also can discuss together in the message.

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