23 weeks free hero replacement: version of the strongest ADC Tucci on-line!

Tucci version hero every Friday

tuwanwang· 2016-12-22 10:01:06

we will replace the weekly free hero in December 23rd 10 about it.

we will replace the weekly free hero in December 23rd 10 about it. The following

to introduce a new week free hero

" what is the free weekly hero? The new game player will find it even if you do not get a hero in the game, there are 13 free hero can use. Free heroes we will rotate every Friday, so we do not have to spend money to experience different heroes bring different fun. At the same time there are a lot of free heroes suitable for novice heroes, so you can avoid novice players after seeing many heroes do not know what to choose.

in addition, in the China server, we have added three permanent free hero - ice shooter, AI de Marcia of Galen and rune mage ruiz. The three heroes are permanently free for all game player use. The main purpose is to facilitate those who have just finished novice combat training camp players can have at least one of their heroes.

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