"Beautiful" is the most expensive Weiyang supporting Li Minde, height 180, has become 160


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splendid edge, only one eye, love never say goodbye. The story will continue, the story will still be staged, for your heart has never gone or superficial. Memory of you, or naughty naughty, or strong guardian, or gentle shy, every one of you are our love you!

we love you away from earthly love you like a quiet, resolute courage to face their own wisdom. Silent guardian, quiet company, "sensitive Germany" two words already deep into our hearts. Parting is not the final outcome, it is for the next better encounter! Looking forward to meet you better, Toshinori, we do not say goodbye, but tonight?

Liang Zhenlun 16px; color: RGB (51, 51, 51); font-family: Arial ' Microsoft YaHei' font-size:; 16px; line-height: 26.4px; white-space: normal; "> Jinxiu Weiyang, a Meng Meng Da big boy, in fact, small series is not very detailed read the" beautiful "Weiyang simply look like 5 times, but many tears really touched the memory of the heart, from the big boy open Beginning......

do not know you have not found," Jinxiu Weiyang "and did not let us see how Tang Yan's acting progress, but let us see more, starring actor, actor is really difficult to harvest in less

less speculation, life more fun, but also in how improper starring Liang Zhenlun, indeed do, dare to do the best supporting role, and it is a kind of fun ~~


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