Music as TV announced 4 core objectives: from profitability to profitability


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network reported on December 20th LETV today announced that after three years of hard work, the big screen ecological has reached tens of millions of users, is about to enter a new stage. For 2017-2019 super TV business in the new stage, as the music develop three strategies, the core objectives of the four.

third strategy: 1, continued access to operational and high value users, 2, the ecological release of commercial value, 3, global operations rooted in the American market;

four core goals: 1, from the profitability to a substantial profit, 2, Chinese market annual sales first, 3, has Chinese most operational and high value users, 4, non hardware big screen ecological operation three annual revenue accumulated over 20 billion yuan.

as the new president Liang Jun said LETV cloud (Zhi Nengyun), the ark system (advertising services), BOSS (one-stop business), AI (intelligent algorithm), observing system (user insight) five intelligence platform for the operators to provide security.

music as 2017 as the first year of super TV open, followed by gradually achieve full service open. Based on music as platform + content + hardware + software + application end-to-end open closed loop vertical integration of ecological system, for content providers, excellent market performance (PGC, opera, drama, concert), partner brand advertisers and other three parties, including LETV cloud, operation and marketing from end to end open platform, which is not only the entrance open.

new phase at the beginning, music also released five new products. 1, 85 inch uMax85 super TV landed home, this is after the launch of music as a large size 3D/4K TV uMax120 in the last year, once again launched a new uMax, priced 39999 yuan.

2, performance, quality and other aspects of the launch and upgrade the Chinese 65 inch X65S super TV, priced 5699 yuan.

3, in order to seize the high-end stock users, launched a big screen ecological new species as music smart home center (SHC) - screen tyrants, pricing 1999 yuan.

4, wireless home audio as music, priced 1299 yuan.

5, as music box heavy return, the new music as the box U4 pricing 299 yuan.

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Music as TV announced 4 core objectives: from profitability to profitability

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