Guangdong to catch a group of spies with students in school

Students in the school Guangdong spies workers

zhongxinwang· 2016-04-30 00:22:20

recently, Guangdong Province State security organs organization implementation of "Guangdong action, uncovered a number of endangering national security spy cases, criminal suspects for shall be investigated for criminal responsibility. From the detection of cases, by foreign intelligence agencies through the network hook joint penetration for the instigation of inexperienced young people, the majority of, and even many of them college students. Overseas intelligence agency personnel, disguised as a military enthusiasts, headhunting, beauty etc. of identity, is widely active in various forums, social, and job site, to provide rich rewards "part-time", "manuscripts" temptation, step by step, the development of Internet users become "intelligence". Foreign espionage and intelligence agencies online penetration, instigation, espionage activities has to China's national security and military security interests caused serious harm. < Guangdong Province State security organs disclosure of cases show that in January 2015, working in Guangzhou, the Qin (female, born in 1990) in the online job search process is foreign espionage and intelligence personnel associated hook, NEPA requires that went to Guangzhou, a terminal shoot photos of warship, and promised to give a reward. Be tempted by money, Qin Gang work in Guangzhou Liu Mou (male, born in 1976) implemented several observations and submitted to the foreign espionage and intelligence agencies presence illegal profits more than 5000 yuan. The military secrecy department identification, Qinmou, Liu a newspaper containing confidential information in these 1 copies, 1 copies of the secret level. The state security organs in Guangzhou city has been to two people implement mandatory review, and alleged "for overseas spying and illegally providing state secrets" transferred to the procuratorial organs for examination and prosecution.

junior high school culture of a clock (male, born in 1988) Department of staff. January 2014, foreign spy suspects through the network will be linked to the development of. A clock by the other instructions to collect China and relevant units submitted to the Military airports, illegal profits of more than 10 yuan. Meizhou City Intermediate Court "for overseas spying, the crime of illegally providing state secrets and sentenced to imprisonment in ten years and six months of a clock. < Guangzhou Shipyard employees Chen Mou (male, 1995) 2014 2 months on the Internet is foreign espionage and intelligence agency personnel hook together, because of the temptation of money, providing the shipyard internal data, as well as the observation warships to accept spy funds 12900 yuan. The military secrecy department identified Chen overseas intelligence agencies of the intelligence related machine 1, classified secret level 2. Guangzhou City Intermediate People's court sentenced Chen guilty of espionage and sentenced to three years, deprived of political rights for one year.

prior to the national security education exhibition in Guangdong Province, together with the overseas training to return to the home latent spy case, the day is also formally notified. Born in 1972, Tang (male, Foshan) had Renfu police, do delivery man in a military barracks canteen. In 2005, Tang active and foreign espionage and intelligence agencies to get in touch, overseas training, followed by the "latent" years in the armed forces, for foreign intelligence agencies to provide a large number of military intelligence, illegal profit of more than 20 million yuan. Army secret services identification, Tang to the exit of foreign newspapers and letters to have a group is a state secret, causing serious damage to China's national security and military security interests. Foshan City Intermediate People's court to "steal, espionage and illegally providing state secrets" sentenced to Tang a 15 year imprisonment and deprived of political rights for five years. (end)

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