This is Google's new driverless car company Waymo autopilot test car

Google no car

dongdiankeji· 2016-12-22 23:45:33

last week, Google's parent company Alphabet will automatically driving the company's independent project, set up a new company Waymo. day before, Waymo  released their Chrysler; and to launch unmanned vehicle, Chrysler small hybrid van   based on the cooperation between the two sides of the unmanned vehicle; to create Pacifica, from the figure we can clearly see, vehicle mounted on the roof with   Uber similar radar and unmanned vehicle camera detection kit, front face, head and tail on both sides are equipped with sensors .

Google (FCA) reached a cooperation agreement in May this year, unmanned vehicle. Waymo CEO John Krafcik Google announced last week in the unmanned vehicle project independently after said, "font-size: 's goal is not to "create a better car", but to "develop better driver" strong> (automatic driving system) . So it seems, cooperation and the logical of the Fiat Chrysler.

two months ago, Waymo (Google) in   test the unmanned vehicle Pacifica, is the latest version of the test vehicle automatic driving and unlike today announced that the module" compact ".

Waymo said, 's designers and engineers began to transform Chrysler   just 6 months ago; Pacifica, software and hardware system of unmanned vehicle to install Google. In the early version of the modified   Pacifica, Waymo has conducted more than 200 hours of testing, test items include extreme weather travel, etc.. Waymo hopes their driverless cars will be on the road in 2017 to serve ordinary consumers.


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