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when Van Gundy asked Iverson:" I know, when you are healthy, you play is not rest, how do you see now the players in the case of healthy holiday?"

! Iverson said quietly:" this is a new generation of basketball, I never thought that would happen to rest. Coaches know their players, players know their physical condition. Now the players choose holiday, may have health effects, but if the coach doesn't want me to play, I will feel very hurt. After the game, I have time to rest."

! Iverson said:" I like this Players like to fight every moment, tired, pain, that is not a thing, I just want to help my teammates on the field, help my team, so I have to play. I will never rest, unless I am completely injured, I know the fans came to see me play."

and Iverson occupation career regular season playing time is 41.1 minutes, the playoffs playing time More horrible 45 minutes.

96-97 season, Iverson's rookie season averaging 40 minutes, averaging eighth in the league.

98-08 game these 10 seasons, Iverson field appearance time has 7 seasons is the field play time first. 99-00 season in Mike and after the third row in the, 00-01 season after the row in the row after the, 04-05 season in the row after the row in the post - Finlay in the season in the United States in the second place after the.

Iverson playoff time playing time is 45 minutes of terror. The 00-01 season is a season the most brilliant Iverson occupation career, he led the way to 76 people stride forward singing militant songs reached the finals. The first round of 3 to 1 out of 4 foot, 3 out of 4 raptors, 3 out of the bucks. Iverson and Carter are against the Raptors, played the full 48 minutes, finally Iverson led 76 people 88 to 87 win over toronto. After a day off against the Bucks, Iverson played 48 minutes.

first playoff against the Lakers, Iverson also played 54 minutes, second, third Field, also played 47 minutes. In the 5 finals, Iverson rested for a total of 8 minutes.

2002-2003 season, the playoffs in the 12 game, Iverson played the game all the time is 46.4 Branch. 12 playoff games, Iverson rested for a total of 29 minutes. Against the pistons in the 6 playoffs, Iverson's appearance time is 48, 50, 44, 47, 45, 53 minutes. The first and last game is played the last game, including overtime didn't stop a second.

2004-2005 season, 76 people; 1 than 4 not enemy piston. The last three games, Iverson's appearance time is 48, 53, 48 minutes. Throughout the series, Iverson's average time is 47.6 minutes.

08-09 season, when Iverson was traded to the piston, when Iverson gradually was placed on the bench, Iverson is such a tough response:" I have never heard of a first team player on the bench, I have never heard of MVP off the bench, I never heard from you in scoring as if to come off the bench, I would rather retire. "

maybe once when we don't understand Iverson so paranoid, as long as the team to victory, as Ginobili did need a bench is actually quite good. But this is Iverson, except perhaps the first would rather break than bend, dignity, because Iverson is such, that is not always sitting on the bench, to hand over the victory of the players. You can take the victory from my place, like those years on a 76 summit of the Lakers, but whether it is 48 minutes, or 53 minutes, Iverson also want to fight to the last second, even if the court should lose lose, but not on the bench as opponents to win. Because in the eyes of Iverson always have such a belief, the fans came to see my game, not to see me waving a towel to drink Gatorade.

on the bench because drinking Gatorade get NBA championship the player called Yue Sun, AI Iverson you don't deserve such a victory. Only the presence of fighting to 48 minutes, with the fight, with blood, sweat and opponents melee after the victory was worthy of life.

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