China Telecom of new media service "letter have you run" national group awards ceremony held in Beijing

China Telecom new media

paobuzhijia· 2016-12-23 02:05:32

12 4 afternoon, 2016 "letter have you" the run group awards ceremony and forum in Jinglun Hotel the perfect ending, the event organized by the China Telecom of new media service, Shoulian million letter of beauty at the beginning, the sports contractors, to encourage the healthy development of the national run group and actively promote the running, advocating the concept of fitness.

new media is a new media China Telecom customer service channels in order to adapt to the shift of consumption changes of China Telecom and the establishment of the internet. In the customer consultation, information release, functional counseling, application sharing, interactive activities, listening to customer opinion, defuse negative public opinion has played a very good role in the industry has a greater influence. As of November 2016, the new media user size has exceeded 120 million, single month self-service volume over 180 million times. As the organizers of this event, the China Telecom of new media in the field of sports service will actively play its communication advantage, efforts to support and promote the dissemination of healthy lifestyle, but also hope that by encouraging the country outstanding run group transfer positive energy to the society of Yang Guangjian kang.

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at the awards ceremony, and the star of the country's most influential, popular, public, the most cutting-edge, value of mission, run Yan the yen value regiment awards 51 Award Cup, certificate issued.

run group how to develop and improve the professional running

marathon coach super

run group and public discussion with

love decibel charity run, champion group, firefly run group

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Chinese veteran marathon club


Xi! An EP group ran


runner Xinjiang

Article! Four


Zhenjiang Wyatt run



Kunming NEW STEP new


Hygge Running




S Queen

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