The Great Wall television broadcast daily | intends to 1 billion 900 million yuan acquisition of two television media companies; Wanhe by mutual entertainment, technology and Betta lithography combine

The Great Wall Betta United

shuyumenggongchang· 2016-12-23 02:18:33

[ film the Great Wall intends to 1 billion 900 million yuan acquisition of two television media company < / span>13 evening announcement, the company purchased the Beijing culture media, Zhejiang times premiere pictures 100%" equity, total price of 18.95 billion; at the same time to raise matching funds of not more than 5.63 "billion yuan. Notice that after the completion of the transaction, the company's main business will be based on the existing business to enter the big film industry, covering film and television drama production, film late video production, film screenings, etc.. (Securities Times Online)

[ Wanhe days should live a subsidiary of Wanhe mutual entertainment, science and technology for fish joint investment and lithographic ] "font-family: recently, Wan Yi Hop day's broadcast business related subsidiaries Wanhe mutual entertainment has obtained a lithographic Betta, technology and capital investment. Wan Tian Yi said it is currently not convenient to comment on the matter. Previously, Wanhe days should also focus on the investment of live PGC content and artists hatch Yihong entertainment, the amount of investment to 1000 million yuan. (36 [ Mobile Games" super Mario Parkour "will be on-line the first month income is expected to exceed $70 million] New Nintendo mobile game" super Mario Parkour "(Super Mario Run) in 12 15", officially launched, this is also the landing iOS" or the Android platform's first official game of Mario, Nintendo may be with the game earned pots full bowl full, even if it is a purchase application mechanism to download the game for free, and take this as the main sales mode. (Yi en network)

[the Investment Holdings intends to 410 million yuan acquisition of Poly 100% 12 evening announcement, the company is a subsidiary of Shanghai play network technology Co. The company intends to total 4.10025 billion price for the Guangzhou Man Network Technology Co., Ltd. 100% equity. (Chinese securities network)

[ LETV intends to re evaluate the film music as assets negotiated the transaction price of ] LETV disclosure 12 evening restructuring progress. Since the announcement of the disclosure of the restructuring plan, the valuation on the acquisition of Founder music studios are discussed, the company will be based on the results of asset evaluation on new transactions and other renegotiation of the reorganization of the transaction price, the new board convened to consider this major asset reorganization, with the announcement board resolution as the issuance of shares pricing benchmark. (China securities network)

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