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shuyumenggongchang· 2016-12-23 02:19:29

[font-family:;" > Carmike to Chinese Wanda acquisition forces continued expansion on Hollywood ] Sina Finance quoted by Bloomberg news, China controlled companies continue to move forward in the Hollywood After agreeing to sell part of the theater and other assets, AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. was approved by the U.S. Department of justice, 12 billion acquisition of company Carmike Cinemas Inc.; ". (Securities Times Online)

[font-family:;" > China screen total 40917 pieces to surpass the United States in the world the first ] in 2016, the rapid development of the construction of the theater to China. As of 12 style= "font-family: Calibri 20, the screen has reached 40917, 26 screens, and last year the average daily new "font-family: Calibri;" 22 screens compared to speed up again. According to the American Film Association in recent years, the film market report, the U.S. screen has stabilized, the growth rate is small. According to the American Theater Owners Association statistics, as of this year 5 month, the total number of U.S. screens for 40759 block. China's total number of screens has surpassed the United States ranks first in the world. (Xinhua)

[ Microsoft acquired after Beam released a new game broadcast service Logo] in August this year, Microsoft acquired Beam, interactive games live service this service can make the audience while watching the game , edge and live interactive. Beam ", and provide more convenience for the audience, so that they can live through Crowdsourcing controls and interact. Now, Microsoft announced the integration of Xbox Beam style= "broadcast services of the new logo;". The new logo style= "with the original logo has some inheritance reserved, but more graphic and concise, less abstract design gradually, form more concrete, the ring and the composition of the color pattern similar to the network camera. (36 "line-height: 1.75em style=

"line-height: 1.75em;" > [ Chee Wen media launched the "play the drama" through the pan entertainment industry chain ] December font-family: Calibri;" >20, by Chee Wen media's Micro star pictures produced, which cost nearly 2 billion TV drama "speed youth" boot conference held. This is the text of the media put forward play drama concept, launched the first TV series. At the same time, micro Star Studios also announced a new product concept -- "play the drama", the layout of the game, animation, music, derivatives and other fields, through the pan entertainment industry chain. (Securities Times Online)

"font-family: Calibri style= 20< /span> news, Alibaba, Wanda and other ten companies from Chinese, American and French companies are involved in the bid for Spain's biggest sports broadcaster Imagina. It is reported that the bidding enterprises hope to obtain Imagina 30% to 51% shares. (Yi en network)

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