Choose wine to the source Mickey Mouse network to winery project ended successfully


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1 months Mickey network "winery" project ended.

global trading platform to direct mining Chateau wine winery is a platform for Internet B2B Wine industry, Fu Shanghai wine limited company of science and technology and development of intelligent operation, Mickey network provided full website platform development and technical support.

China, the winery based on the platform of the first international wine culture museum, established Wine industry credibility and influence in the industry, and help customers to build and operate the wine culture experience center, the formation of offline and online cooperative effect. The platform of professional services in order to connect Chinese Wine industry upstream and downstream businesses in the supply chain management, high precision of the market strategy, a full range of services for the operation of Wine upstream and downstream enterprises to create value, achieve win-win.

no opportunity to participate in the celebration no time Visiting the Museum of wine culture you Xiaobian specially prepared a lot of photos to meet your eyes.

Mickey network reliable IT online trading platform, committed to global the IT user needs to provide professional, efficient, high Price ratio of IT products, technical services and solutions. Mickey Mouse network is a to B platform, she uses the Internet platform to achieve online transactions IT complex projects. Platform provides e-commerce development services, including software development, website construction, IT part-time, mobile applications, system integration and other six areas, 30 types of products. Mickey network platform specific system of deposit, Sanjin liquidated damages, gold is used to delay constraints of both parties, to ensure that every link trading is open and fair, and greatly improve the reliability of the project. Mickey network for buyers, provides a powerful software development capabilities, and greatly reduces the cost of development; software development for workers, provides unlimited business opportunities, and their professional skills will be converted into cash income.

on the road to professional wine winery, reliable Mickey network.

Mickey network

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