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market research company IDC  released in December 19th;" China wearable device Market quarterly tracking report (2016 third quarter "the year 2016) showed that Chinese wearable device Market shipments of 38 million 760 thousand units, an increase of 57.1%, become the China market after the intelligent mobile phone second mobile intelligent terminal equipment consumption. At the same time as the world's largest wearable device market, in 2016 the Chinese market shipments accounted for 43.8% of global total shipments, the U.S. market is 1.6 times.

IDC wearable device market to make the ten forecast for 2017 Chinese, one of which is the curved screen on wearable devices get more large-scale applications, especially in 2018 the curved screen in the wearable device of large-scale applications, and the application range of the curved screen bracelet will become the most extensive product.

IDC is authentication will become an important function of wearable devices. Wearable device portability and data collection uninterrupted, will make it a smart home, consumer and enterprise networking important personal identity authentication terminal. IDC predicts that by 2020, identity authentication will replace health monitoring become the most important feature of wearable devices.

in September 19th this year, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the National Development and Reform Commission jointly developed" intelligent hardware industry innovation and development of the special action (2016-2018) ", the wearable device industry further up to the national level new economic strategy.

IDC on China ten prediction of the wearable device market include:

1, 2017 China wearable device shipments will reach 50 million units, the market value will exceed 26 billion yuan.

2, span" class= "hrefStyle" > smart clothing shipments reached 4 million in 2017, growth of smart clothing rapid growth to 179.6% qoq.

3 & nbsp; wearable device is more independent, in 2017 there will be more smart watch manufacturers to launch independent communication network module products, expected shipments will reach 17 million units. 4, 4G promote children watch product upgrades, children's watches video calls, content downloads and other experience will further enhance.

5, smart watches manufacturers to run the market force, smart watches from the appearance and performance are more close to the stopwatch. Even the introduction of professional running watch.

6, 2017 Android will exceed watchOS, with 45.7% of the share of shipments of smart watches became the first operating system.

7 channel model, further evolution, 2017 offline channels will increase the proportion to 37%, from digital communication channels to further extended to the super channel, audio-visual fashion, sports category, and the terminal stores outlets mall.

8 & nbsp; information security can be wearable devices will become more important, is expected to 2020, and embedded security the special communication module will be used in wearable devices.

IDC in China wearable device Market Research Manager Xiao Jing concluded:" the localization of wearable devices will become more and more important. This is not only because there are differences in the living habits of consumers in different countries, but also the specific needs of enterprise applications. Meanwhile, in the vertical industry to grasp the core resources of the manufacturers will further integrate technology and platform resources, deepen wearable devices in the networking scenario."

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