Frogman nemesis: "AP61" anti Soviet rocket frog

Rockets divers soldier the former Soviet Union

zhanjiajunpinziliaowang· 2016-04-30 00:27:03

DP65 to the mid 1960s in the Soviet Union before "" "" "" "" "" "") is an DP65 ("img" "0" "" < p > Author: Soviet afterglow


on century 70 time to design a series of a variety of familiar anti frogman weapons, the title of the League outfit antifrogman rocket system is known as a heavy anti frogman weapons. Today I give everybody to introduce DP65's little brother (if in accordance with the research and development time, should be regarded as a brother?) The Soviet AP61 type individual antifrogman rocket system. < p > before the Soviet Union AP61 individual anti frogman rocket system design in the late sixties of last century, the design is in order to prevent / counter enemy frogmen to our high value of water / port ships and high value of surface targets implement destructive attacks. The entire system consists of AP61 type rocket launchers, and GDS-55 antifrogman rocket promote grenades, GRS-55 type antifrogman rocket grenade push. Among them, the GDS-55 type is a radio fuze, and the GRS-55 type is a mechanical fuze. The whole system has the advantages of large destruction of fire, low power, low cost and so on. It is widely used in the defense work of the former Soviet Union naval port and naval vessel. The GDS-55 GRS-55 of the two grenade was also on the AP-65 multi mounted antifrogman rocket system adopted. Here (as an aside, a developed AP and DP series antifrogman rocket system is a very important cause, in 1956 the former Soviet leader Khrushchev aboard warships during his visit to Britain, the famous British frogman is World War II war hero: Lionel. Kleiber tried to implement Khrushchev's ship damage behavior. But in the end it died in the former Soviet Navy Combat divers hands, it also gave birth to the development of AP/DP series of products)

55 mm caliber weapons:

maximum shooting elevation: ± weight: 45 degrees

transmitter 6kg

ammunition varieties: GDS55 (radio fuze) Antifrogman high explosive rocket CR355 (mechanical fuze) antifrogman high explosive rockets < weapon range: < 0.5 km range of destruction: 16-18 m < (thanks to: the Soviet Union afterglow),