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< p > the original title: behind the iron curtain Science Fiction during the period of the Soviet Union all terrain vehicle

1956 years of research and development of all terrain vehicles, the use of ZIS-157 truck chassis, rear engine, the wheelbase is too large, off-road front wheel is easy to from the ground, the driver lost control of the vehicle. Class= img_box "

1956 years of research and development of the ZIS-E134 all terrain experimental vehicle, using the wedge body and three drive axle. Class= img_box "

experiment in.

1957. According to the ZIS-E134 experimental research results of ZIL-157R all terrain vehicle, the ZIL-157 truck chassis, equipped with 104 horsepower engine, three axes at the same distance arrangement, tire inflation system and power steering, tires, 2.5 meters trenches across. Class= "img_box" id= "

"content_img_p" for wide tires ZIL-157R all terrain vehicles, load 2.5 tons.

"" to replace the wide tire after the ZIL-136.

1957. In BTR-152 armoured chassis for improved BTR-E152V all terrain vehicle, can carry 14 people. Class= img_box "

1960, ZIL-132 three axle 2.5 tons truck, equipped with ZIL-131 car. This is not the traditional sense of the military trucks, the same wheelbase, the bottom of the smooth, large-scale tire pressure can be automatically adjusted. Class= "img_box" id= "

"" to replace the wide tire after the ZIL-132. Class= img_box "

ZIL-132 equipped with automatic transmission and 24 inch tires. Class= img_box "

1969, ZIL-132P amphibious transport vehicle.

ZIL-132P adopts aluminum ship hull design. Remove roof

ZIL-132P like.

in ZIL-132P test of the Moscow River, with a 180 horsepower engine, maximum road speed reached 75 km / h, water speed of 5 ~ 7 km / hour. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" for the first time using the vortex jet engine as an auxiliary power test of the scene.

1974, ZIL-132P 5 tons of heavy trailer prototype vehicle, high mobility off-road vehicle, the maximum speed of 68 km / hour. Class= img_box "

ZIL-132P to carry out snow test. Class= img_box "

ZIL-132P off-road high mobility test. Class= img_box "

1976, ZIL-132RV Road Trailer prototype car. Class= img_box "

used to evaluate the vehicle load of the five axle test vehicle. Class= img_box "

1974, Bryansk production of KrAZ-E260E trucks, equipped with gas turbine. Class= img_box "

GAZ-99D turbo generator, the output power of 350 horsepower. Class= img_box "

1974, KrAZ-E260E gas turbine truck. Class= img_box "

1976, KrAZ-2E260 truck equipped with 360 horsepower gas turbine. Class= "img_box" id= "

"content_img_p" in the Moskvich-415 light off-road vehicle chassis on the modified S-3 all terrain vehicles, equipped with inflatable track.

1962 S-3 were crossing the river test. By adopting the

S-3MU and S-3 same aeration crawler system, despite running very quiet, but the maximum speed only 40 kilometers / hour. Class= img_box "

S-3MU using GAZ-69M light off-road vehicle chassis improvement, the replacement of another track system. Class= img_box "

new crawler system feature. Class= img_box "

S-3MU "content_img_p" off-road performance is also good. Class= img_box "

1959, NAMI-044E equipped with ultra low pressure arch tires. Class= "img_box" id= "

ZIL-132S "content_img_p" using four ultra low pressure arch tires. Class= img_box "

ZIL-132S "content_img_p" using a shortened ZIL-157K chassis, equipped with ZIL-164 of the car. Class= img_box "

ZIL-132S car body is light, the maximum speed of up to 55 km / h, but not easy to control. Class= img_box "

1961, ET-8 NAMI high mobility vehicle. Class= img_box "

magazine. Class= img_box "

1963, modern NAMI-094 all terrain vehicle.

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