49 yuan! The new millet released patchboard

Millet strip gift USB

qudongzhijia· 2016-12-28 09:28:21

near the new year, millet chaxianban Festival launched special purchases for the Spring Festival custom models, the price remained unchanged, is still 49 yuan.

gift version of millet patchboard and there is no difference between the ordinary version, but the packaging is more gorgeous, beautiful gift book "".

millet chaxianban slender body, the white, the surface after coating treatment. provides 3 sets of standard jacks, 3 USB charging port (total current 3.1A, a support 2A fast charge), support 110V-240V global voltage.

addition, the patchboard and night lights at the same time, in terms of security, uses a customized Joe on the three in one overload protection switch, 3 sets of protective door international jack, 750 C high resistance engine shell.

only cost 49 yuan, Lei Jun said, the R & D expenses reached 10 million.

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