The son of Xie Changting gambling embezzlement members loan debt


zhongguotaiwanwang· 2016-12-28 09:40:24

" according to legend, Xie Weizhou is also gambling, also used the banks offer low interest loans to the city council. (source: Taiwan "electronic newspaper")

Chinese Taiwan network December 28th news according to the "Taiwan times" reported Chinese, Taiwan authorities "representative in Japan" Hsieh son, Taipei city councillor Xie Weizhou is addicted to sports lottery gambling explosion owed tens of millions of debt, even with a bank provided to members of the Taipei City 2 million (NT, the same below) low interest loan repayment. Xie Changting's wife tour in August this year to Fang JY from Japan, the liquidation of arrears for Xie Weizhou came, Xie Changting heard the news, had called his son.

million debt owed according to the media reports, Xie Weizhou introduced through friends, many sports lottery endorsement, endorsement, often in the Shihlin Beitou station infested. When the members of a large amount of endorsement, it is owed more than ten million debt. Xie Xie from the end of last year to the first half of this year, a few degrees through friends to borrow money, ranging from 1 million to 5 million. Xie camp many people know, there are some internal faction There were many discussions., to deal with xie.

mother to claim

co insiders pointed out that the first half of this year, Xie Weizhou is eager to raise money, even used to provide Fubon Bank City Council 2 million low interest loans, but still not enough to pay for this, he not only borrow money from friends, also consider to sell the house. The original mother in Japan in August to return to Taiwan tour Fang JY, thanks for clearing the debt, has been fully repaid.

however, Hsieh came about the incident, incredible son addicted to sports lottery endorsement, could not help but give him a meal, but also put down the weight, want him to die.

also claimed to have finished the debt

according to reports, Xie Weizhou recently responded to the media, did the sports lottery gambling debt, but is a thing of the past, the end of last year to clean up debt after no play. He also said that the amount of arrears and not to the tens of millions, nor with Fubon Bank loan debt, no more around money, now everything has been processed. According to

reports, Xie Weizhou in 2 years ago in Taipei city councilman Shihlin, Beitou Xie Changting began a very constituency election, against Xie Weizhou election, the incumbent legislator Zhuang Ruixiong behind and relying on the son of Xie Changting fame, and finally successfully elected members.

yesterday, media exposure of the matter, Xie Weizhou has missed the mobile phone, laboratory assistant also said temporarily not contact him, for it does not understand, not to respond to. (Taiwan, China Network Lining)

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