You comment on the circle of friends, exposing your character!

Circle of friends character method test

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" American illustrator: Joe Anderson


a friend recently pregnant with a second child, a lot of people in the circle of friends blessing, this is a very happy thing, but a friend will be angry.

for me also angry, because some blessing is really wonderful.

such as: "Congratulations ah, Mei opened two degrees. That's great. The old man deserves a blessing. "

friend depressed only to send a circle of friends said:" I just want a second child, not married, age is only 30 early, since that is not old. Do not know how to comment circle of friends, trouble you point a praise on ok.

then, the circle of friends suddenly became very embarrassed. People who cannot speak like this, would have been a good thing becomes bad, the enjoyable atmosphere, who are not happy.

in fact, I believe that those who wish to send the original intention must be good, but not the proper use of idioms, the wrong form of the situation, will make others will be wrong, while exposing their iq.

can not blame others, suffering from the mouth Out of the mouth comes evil., everyone have their own words for.

we live in a society, you hide your personal image, do not want to let your impression on others greatly reduced, it must learn to speak , you said, would betray your knowledge.


" in my circle of friends is a black.

Hsu Chi married, I made a circle of friends: Congratulations goddess, find their own happiness.

most people love nothing more than that, Hsu Chi have to either praise or talk, do not love it when not see. But this man, in my circle of friends, said, "well, Hsu Chi, I can't get my clothes off. "And a bunch of links to me. Well, you know.

again, I lost my cell phone, made a note: the phone is lost, in a bad mood. He came to say: "I am happy to see you unhappy. "

then, there's no more, because I pulled him black.

of course, I'm not the only one of his black, because the circle of friends no matter what others, as long as his views and interests, he must Tucao few.

drying Melaleuca durian in the circle of friends, this guy say: "Durian this thing, stink to death, only a fool would eat.

has a little girl to lose weight, drying running photos, he Tucao: thin down is not good, or do not cut. "


can chat? Can not!

can not pull the black! Come with me and say: no! In fact,

was first to pull the black, he said: "you can't take a joke, don't know what is humor. "

seems to me that it's not humor at all, but selfishness.

is a kind of humor can bring happiness to others, instead of laughing at others, his momentary refreshing based on the suffering of others.

a person, a joke no decent appearance, really ugly. You comment on the circle of friends, betrayed your character, you laugh at the appearance of others, exposing your upbringing.


really speaks, is respectful.

I have a colleague, is the kind of work in learning ability is very strong, so often someone to ask her some questions. She often said a word is: "so simple, you will not, stupid dead. "

look at other people's face is not good, and immediately said:" I'm sorry, I was talking too straight, no malicious. "

, but she still has become a company with the poor, not for her outspoken buying, we believe that she is not at all what the true nature, but do not know how to respect others.

I believe in your life there must be a lot of the so-called "outspoken" people, they do not speak after the brain, hurt others, but also Yuanguai a sentence: "you are the heart of glass. "

wants me to say that it's not someone else's glass, but you're not.

in this world, everyone living environment are not the same, so everyone has different views and habits. To someone else's life is not short, not understanding, mockery, everyone should have literacy.

and reflect a person's quality, often a person's way of speaking.

you are humble and polite, then you give the impression that a person who is educated.

you speak swearing talk, then you give people the feeling is to practice.

you when taking into account the feelings of others, it is a self denial of the people know.

you don't know how to respect others, then you must be a person who is not worthy of respect.

once read a novel, the hero in the book of a lawyer said: "I have seen you are the best lawyer, because you never underestimate my father's servant.

the man was startled, smiled and answered: "I don't even think about others who can look down upon him. Compared to

and those of people with servants birdbrains, everyone thinks that the lawyer is really a man of noble character.

what you said, hide the way you walk, and hide your temperament.

learn to speak, learn to respect others, don't hurt exports, don't use isspicy language, attack others life, you think you criticize others will be so cool, you don't know, you curse like, had betrayed your character, all your words, finally will revenge you mercilessly.

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