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"I give up, take my"

recently, new year idol drama "give up me, hold me" indeed ratings OK, but one word of mouth. At the end of the arrival, TV ratings inventory of four, look at the ranking of TOP10 is nearly half of the IP series, the reputation is very general, but due to the IP effect and the flow of small meat star existence and itself, this type of drama still has become a hot investment this year. In fact, there are a lot of thunder, little rain, yet both reputation ratings IP series. These phenomena, the industry hit a wake-up call.

not long ago, the emergence of the "skin mask" and "stone" and "popular" because of the abuse of substitute term, industry chaos ripped a corner in the spotlight. It can be found that the fan effect of TV drama is weakening, and can not bring the expected niche flow ratings, these events have reminded the industry, good story and rational choice actor is always right attitude in television.


ratings Gaokaidizou fan effect weakened into a trend of

from performance, IP series is still dominated the overall ratings this year, but the "official" translation "Jinxiu Weiyang" drama story, has little relationship with the original design, but also do not have the original "why" Sheng Xiao Mo "" the influence of flower thousands of bones. Qingyun and "Zhi" "-" "pouncer" confirms the IP myth shattered the myth of viewing and little meat.

actually, it's a relationship between supply and demand. Each year the TV series to buy limited funds, so there will be strong and weak collocation considerations, the need to have one or two strong topic, high drama. But this is a paradox is considered "a strong drama drama" failed, but is used to some of the big production of collocation is not TV ratings and good reputation. So, as long as the premise of the supply and demand change, we do not buy these flowers small meat accounts, ratings down.

in the past one or two years, the market is indeed recognized IP, recognize the traffic star, but as long as the audience to calm down, "the ratings pouncer" phenomenon further down, the future will not buy these television dramas, the so-called IP myth will naturally burst. Although this is not an overnight thing, but in 2016, there is indeed a turning point". And, "Yun Zhi" and "-" fiasco, has shown significant changes -- TV again this "IP" must carefully again and again. If the majority of losers, then the medium cost type drama or will usher in the opportunity.

TV is under the file, "cut"

life story is still the first to buy what drama is the basic natural judgment, advertisers and audience based on this table. As for whether it is wrong, in fact, with the changing media environment, the audience mentality also has a relationship. If what play because the ratings was lower, such as "private kitchens", in fact, can explain many things: and the sports industry, supporting a team of financial statements, not the 5% diehard wholesale, but 95% passers-by powder. The same is true of the TV series, fans (core audience) is the topic of the degree and degree of communication, once they can not afford this function, then this type of drama is bound to fail. For example, once the major TV broadcast platform is a myth, the color has ratings, but today the media environment is not necessarily better, amidst the winds of change, but the TV has advantages greatly weakened; of course also proved that the audience is not a fool, a series of quality to a certain extent is important.

, of course, there is a saying that the ratings are not necessarily good drama, low ratings of the play is not necessarily as we say so unbearable. The current TV market, there is no evaluation criteria, there is no comment reference, there is no consensus and basic judgment, who can not convince anyone. But in Waterloo double star flow drama does experience reputation and ratings when broadcast decisively "cut" is a kind of remedy means and warning to the industry. At any time, the story and production of a TV series is the first life.

industry abuse doubles to remind the industry demand reason selected actor

another topic is small meat industry. It is the problem of the whole industrial chain, but the choice is to have the initiative, the majority of small meat is not willing to take acting is reality. But the actors are still in the crazy soaring schedule is constantly compressed, a number of popular meat appeared fifty or sixty sets of drama, only true for forty or fifty days schedule of this sort of joke.

these days, is the biggest topic all over the world to find an actor, actor in drama, variety, run, have little time for filming only. Super long male master play only forty or fifty days, as well as a variety of abuse scandal. There is even some cooperation and directing the film, but never filmed TV series the young male artist, out of the ultra high price of 100 million yuan for their debut drama. At the same time the next multi play lead, numerous business activities plus, always like a revolving door from the crew, there appear and disappear to disappear, this trick to fool.

has long been a habit is not an actor, not all TV stations do not buy it, even if the script is good, good, no big actors, small meat will not go for it. The actor crazy increase, paycheck to actor, only the deduction on other aspects of the final quality, go on, go back to the mouth, only the "water", to add some more obedient supporting role play flashback, more than ten sets is not a dream. This water play back to television violence, so that television is the initiator of evil is the victim. Industry deformity directly reflected in the actor now leveraging the system, it is to have the order reversed.

in this industry, small meat is popular, but certainly not the right to speak. Small meat again how rude and overbearing, they are also users, as long as the decision makers to give up their fight, or with a more open vision to choose actors, natural small meat will soon face the situation without a price. Small meat than criticism does not work, the bigger problem is that the industry no principle, in the film and television works as a chain of FMCG to production, small meat is only one link. Leader was still silent in the face of a variety of trust industry attracted double down, and it is reluctant to give up because of short-term interests.

serious drama idol

The loss outweighs the gain. loss of audience in the past year, costume and urban romance drama are two types of the hottest drama. But the Spy Drama in 2016 ushered in a new turn and change. Last year by the "pretender" hot, "" the sparrow "rouge" "decryption" three flowers, fresh meat in the Spy Drama the whole attack. The Spy Drama audience is relatively large, once the story and make the pass, after the spread of the core of the crowd, the audience will quickly open.

this year, the three "youth Spy Drama" behind the scenes, the creative team is relatively strong. "Decryption" and even a likely "Big Bang" of the original story. The result is that there is no good reputation ratings. Everyone knows the problems in an actor. If we can rationally choose the ability of driving the character actor, the two spy drama may have different results. Especially the "decryption", by virtue of IP heat and many loyal Book powder, par "Lurk" is possible. Instead, rouge, although the story is relatively thin, the lack of red potential, but Zhao Liying [micro-blog] is considered a flower in the play bone, or show a certain degree of protection.

last year, the "camouflage" in the idol has a successful demonstration, from the selection of actors to plot design, are directed at the young audience to go. However, the gap between the actor and the actor is not only a question of acting, but also exposed the whole team's ideas. These two have been basically doomed to "camouflage" and "decryption" is not the same as the two drama. The spy drama idol walk route is not impossible, but if only indulge in the choice of "Idol" actor and romantic narrative, naturally weaken the "spy" feeling, the audience naturally lost, The loss outweighs the gain.

price is too low

week broadcast can not save the IP drama

domestic TV drama market week drama can be traced back to 2011. The launch of a TV broadcast week drama abandoned secret, can be described as the first person to eat crab". But the ratings continued low, did not rush off the end of the broadcast. Until 2012, another week radio drama "Xuanyuan sword tianzhihen" a high degree of attention and ratings, only made the first successful week theater broadcast. But then broadcast repertoire, the ratings rise and fall significantly, in addition to the production quality of scattered mixed, in the form of broadcast week challenge.

in the first quarter of this year "Cheonggu fox legend" two week radio drama set ratings low; "2" tornado girls with Ji Chang Wook and Wu Lei [micro-blog] two little meat sits, fans buy natural less, but the two mishap plot and acting, the splash is very limited; "-" and "Yun Zhi" are big production, big IP with a number of front-line actors blessing configuration was able to win, the platform also paid a high cost, but the effect is far from satisfactory broadcast. Two drama stable at the reception of the 1 points is not bad, but taking into account the high cost of procurement and existing heat, lost in the price is too low. Another drama "old nine door" ratings in a very long time, "sky city" and "new Kyushu vagabondize" two week radio drama is a good example to spend money to work.

in 2017 to be broadcast of the "secret" Chu Joe biography "" "" III. Choose day record ten peach "and other series of dozens of other will success is on the way of large IP production, I have a major impact on ancient drama. Popular big drama is still a strong platform for the target, but if the loser are, then medium cost type play or will usher in opportunity, even some platform would dare to try the real American week broadcast mode, shot broadcast mode can not be achieved because of the status of the industry, but does not rule out the possibility of the TV drama unit. (Qilu Evening News New Beijing)

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