The female passenger was the driver drops live the mouth "tricky Jicha aside foam"

Then female passengers broadcast ZyShady owners

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女乘客被滴滴司机直播整蛊 急刹靠边口吐“白沫”

has been permanently banned processing pieces of the police in the owner:

has been involved in the investigation of Sichuan Chengdu news network December 28th news (reporter Liu Peipei) 12 25, netizen @ZyShady micro Bo said, from a female friend in the process has suffered a bit of a thrill a scene. Yesterday evening, the Sichuan news network reporter contacted by telephone on the female passenger Jingjing (a pseudonym). According to her, on the same day, she took a bit, in the driving process, the male driver hand bag from a medicine to eat, eating began to tremble, said he could not control the steering wheel, then the emergency brake to the right, koutubaimo......

Jingjing said that after the incident, she received a phone call from the male driver. The driver said he was on the live, according to the previous design of the script. Jingjing is very angry about this behavior. Today, the Sichuan news network reporter from a bit of media public relations staff Zhao Department learned that at present the company has been on the owner of the car has been permanently banned processing. Meanwhile, the police have been involved in the investigation.

friends broke the news: female passengers aboard when the driver brakes drops thrilling medicine parking koutubaimo

December 25th, micro-blog told his friends @ZyShady a female friend in the evening by drops in the process of thrilling encounter. Yesterday evening, the Sichuan news network reporter contacted the parties jingjing. According to Jingjing memories, December 25th at 9:30 in the evening, she and her friends after drinking tea called a drop ready to go home. She was a male driver. As the evening alone by car, Jingjing is very cautious, so sitting in the back. The male driver but after the discharge of important documents on the grounds, repeatedly asked her to sit on the copilot. "I refused him all the time, but then he said someone had been in the back and I was sick, so I went to the driver's side."

Jingjing told Sichuan news network reporter, when she was sitting in the copilot, the driver began to take the initiative to talk with her. Said he was just out of the bar but did not drink, just eat a little more. "He was all excited and shook his head." Jingjing said later, male drivers admit to eating ecstasy. Also said he was a lot of pressure, can not give employees wages and other words. After driving for more than and 10 minutes, the driver suddenly felt a box, in the box like a drug like white flake. "He asked me to eat, I refused, he ate one, and then asked me once, I refused, he ate a. And he said it was the eighth he ate today, and he felt a little bit more."

"I was very nervous, I do not know what the driver is what kind of state." According to the introduction of Jingjing when she started, nervous when asked the driver whether to be able to safely reach the destination, while the driver replied she said no problem. I was not forced to get off the car, afraid of what extreme behavior he made." At the same time, the male driver playing very loud music in the car, when the closing music Jingjing, the male driver said that if there is no music, they will pale, hands can not control the steering wheel.

crystal said, when the car driving to the airport about to enter the high-speed road, the driver suddenly gave a strange sound, then draw a mouth began to flow out of a white liquid, looks like foam. At the same time, the driver suddenly brakes pull over. "I was so scared that he fainted."

plot reversal: frightened female passenger panic to help others call the driver said the apology in live

according to the sparkling memories, when the driver stopped the car, she rushed out of the car, a truck stopped on the road and the driver of the car to help. When the truck driver went to ask the driver drops. "He said he was okay. He told me to cancel the trip." Jingjing said she wanted to call 120 again, however, truck driver but say to myself to leave. At that time, there are about 7 kilometers away from their homes, and finally, the truck driver will be sent back to Jingjing home.

on the way home, Jingjing received a phone call to the driver drops. "He asked me to open hands, then casually said that he is in the live feel shy, that all behavior is in accordance with the script to do." Jingjing said she was still suffering from the shock, there is no reply to the driver drops too much. But after she came home to calm down, she felt very angry, so he sent a message to every driver and asked him to seek to explain the platform where the name, when the man opened the live Jingjing, that he continues to tease a girl second.

Jingjing told Sichuan news network reporter, for the man's behavior, she felt very angry. At the same time, the man after the incident did not sincere apology, but the question of who is the information on their own micro-blog hair, the attitude is very bad. In fact, I do not have much appeal, is to let the (Live) platform for this behavior caused attention."

drops response: driver behavior in traffic safety has been permanently banned

for the matter to the owners of the media contact drops PR staff Zhao Sichuan news network reporter yesterday afternoon, according to her, this is not a pleasant ride for passengers to experience, Didi's very sorry, after receiving the user to reflect after the company's first time to understand what was going on. At present, the owners have been permanently banned processing. At the same time, the company suggested that the police, the police will fully assist in the investigation.

Zhao told the Sichuan news network reporter, on the way in the vehicle, all acts endangering the safety of the driver is not desirable, in accordance with the so-called script broadcast, not only affects the safe operation, passengers also involving violations of privacy and the right of portrait. In this regard, drops platform is not allowed, so the owner of the permanent seal treatment.

@ aYuan net driver published in its statement on the micro-blog


on the reply: sorry but users micro-blog content is not real

yesterday, the Sichuan news network reporter noted that there was a a small driver named @ yuan users a micro-blog users @ZyShady released the day before yesterday, opening the users of micro-blog, the reporter found that the users in the night before 8 have issued a statement and @ @ZyShady users. The statement reads as follows:

friends, you are good! A yuan appreciate your attention on the tricky live last night. You may be tricky play aroused greater psychological and social impact, then a yuan to apologize, and the future of the script will think twice!

for @ZyShady, you release micro-blog content is not true, to be investigated. After the passengers to get off immediately behind the truck master seeking help, I sure be well before you leave, the passengers move my special thanks and gratitude! After witnessing the safety of passengers aboard the truck, I take the initiative to call the 3 phone calls on the way to explain, and also allows passengers to mobile phone hands-free truck master apologized after the passengers to determine whether or not I live is again calling to confirm.

on the road to explain that the @Zyshady is not on the highway, but next to the auxiliary lane, I was repeatedly determined in around 300 meters without any vehicle, just to pull over, stop and speed of not more than 20km/h. @ZyShady is not described as the original.

live until the end of the beginning, I have been halfway to watch the live broadcast of friends, the script of the items used for props, the language did not touch the illegal ingredients. Between the tricky live, a yuan you once again to apologize, thank you for your attention and support of everyone.

yesterday, the Sichuan news network reporter contacted for an interview by private letter @ a yuan driver hope that private letter display has been read, but as of press time reporter did not get a reply. At the same time, yesterday evening, Sichuan news network reporter called to provide the driver drops Jingjing contact, when reporters call, voice prompt: your call can not be connected, please call each other using mobile phone login software, if the trip is completed or canceled, you will not be able to contact each other. This speech repeatedly prompted several times after the prompt content becomes "the number is empty."

at the same time, the Sichuan news network reporter on the Internet to find the driver drops where the broadcast platform of media and public relations person in charge of Miss Huang contact, repeatedly call not contact, sometimes the voice prompt is busy, sometimes unable to connect the voice prompt.

(pictures from the user @ZyShady micro-blog screenshot)

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