"Tekken 7" or the host version will be available in March 2017

Will host Xbox pro

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2016-12-28 10:59:08


" Tekken 7 arcade version have already launched, but can play the game player (China) less and less, many fans are looking forward to the console version of the sale. Although the official has already released a "Tekken 7" will be landing PS4/Xbox One/PC platform, but the specific release date is still a mystery.

however, this time we very surprised that "Tekken 7" version of the date of sale may host.

in the evening of December 28th, the game time VGtime invited many overseas players fighting game occupation guest studio, and sent to several editors fighting with them with the field notes.

the Japanese "iron fist" occupation female athletes in the live game player and finally gave China Tanukana New Year message, said (1 hour and 54 minutes ~):

China now didn't play the game player "Tekken 7" (the arcade version), very painful.

strongly expression is this:

Tanukana but then said that she heard "Tekken 7" host version may March will be released.

was watching the live in the =''>

we will also follow up on real-time "Cinderella 7" release date related news, please pay attention to our report.

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