To participate in the call of duty ONLINE professional league opening ceremony, there are still some words to say

League opening ceremony to say or

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2016-12-28 12:13:12

thanks to the invitation of the mission call ONLINE project team, I was able to participate in the December 24th call of duty ONLINE professional league opening ceremony. Aside from the quality of the game itself, from the way the League held, it can be seen that the official is using a certain mind.

" opening ceremony not only in the game itself, but also the cooperation with international well-known CRI counter-terrorism Institute to carry out military combat training activities under the line, according to the official statement is committed to create a unique military culture atmosphere, although finally can do what remains to be seen, but this kind of organization and practical cooperation is still very exciting.

" because it is the first time in the tournament, so the opening of this is I long to see the Carling live what look like. When the official contact with the organizers, emphasized the competition site by use of the first fully enclosed double stage studio.

said here, can not help but recall the July 2012 "call of duty" ONLINE has just released the first trailer, let us several series of video fans excited, Activision and Tencent jointly launched in the show are "modern warfare" series of network warfare classic map, firearms and killstreaks etc., are basic elements the most important "series of fans".

saw the trailer at the time......

was the "call of duty" ONLINE development team or Activision game for Shanghai, although the China area has made a lot of changes, but in essence is the authentic style of COD, when that time is the "call of duty" ONLINE the most popular series of game player. Yes, compared with the mainstream domestic network game shooting, the first "call of duty" ONLINE is simply the silt but don't dye -- not with weapons skin, figures such as a selling point, but as far as possible to the essence of COD authentic to China. Can also be based on the environment, the most familiar with the body free props charging system to attract players.

IP the introduction of such a fire, is destined to want to play the "call of duty" series of network game player to win over the war, is the so-called "core to attract game player". But such a fire game, not everyone can easily play, "call of duty" of the ONLINE beta status at that time is very popular, thanks to your help, I can still participate in the game online game Closed Beta, and classmates and indulge in them for a long time......

Raven as the "call of duty" in the series behind the "handyman" studio, mainly responsible for the "Modern Warfare 3" "spirit" and "advanced war" multiplayer mode has said Raven development of the "call of duty" ONLINE, but Raven is at the beginning of 14 the left and right over the full development of the game work. The call of duty ONLINE can also be regarded as their first independent production of COD works.


" although some may not adapt to the host game player need to buy a sword to use the term, after all too many things. But for the necessary weapons and props, plus double track charge and reasonable price; and the most important weapon, killstreaks and perk skills can be permanently unlocked, but over a period of time in the Raven, the content of the game changed, even then began to appear on the gun and deformation COD (especially the "modern warfare") has nothing to do with the set. Many players in the country after the departure of the call of duty ONLINE, I count one of them. One is because the COD network battle fought in the host side, two is because the Raven environment to compromise too much, this compromise is a choice.

Raven took over this fee is very normal, the game gradually joined the war itself has nothing to do with the content, such as cool skin, such as strange characters. At the beginning of the role of the skin to join, but also only a number of male warrior skin, and then gradually joined the women's shape, and then slowly joined a number of attractive women's clothing. Get now called the mission of ONLINE has become the most appropriate mainstream gaming fans of the product.

" in the run-up to the CCL watch before the game, looking at a player using a combat role our beautiful women, I can not help a cold sweat...... Fortunately, in the official game, all of them changed into a suitable male role and shape.

" back home, I opened the computer, download the long absence "call of duty" ONLINE, when the main menu I use right hand shaking opening game......

tried to pick up my number to play two games, found that only their own characters and weapons are the kind of skin cold tone compared to the normal, or other people full metal jacket adorable sister running, or hand-held blind eye weapons. Look at their warehouse weapons, the color of the cold tone, are those of the most primitive weapons and equipment, always feel that they do not fit.

, however, the game still has a COD style, which also makes me a little comfort.

ONLINE "call of duty" before is slowly from the series of flavors to cater to the game player, now reduced to introduction and other shooting games of a powerful and unconstrained style setting. The beginning of the Zombie mode due to the examination of the reasons into a mechanical monster also said, now the Zombie mode is simply used to describe all weird things. New weapons also abandoned modern war kernel, joined some recent sci-fi weapons like guns appear weapons "free" spirit "shadow falls" Killzone deformation in the gun, even the same set switching form. Weapon skin that is sour to fly. I can not help but think of the "call of duty" in the endless war dazzling no beauty magic weapon skin, may be true to the part of game player's preferences......

"ONLINE" call of duty in deformation gun "free"

"shadow falls" in Killzone

electromagnetic gun is interesting, after each call of duty "ONLINE" update some new set, after the sale of the "call of duty" orthodox works more or less will join similar elements, "black 3" action with OL only after the end of the game the characters feature; "modern warfare" heavy plate multiplayer map can be said to be part of the copy from OL map over the direct use. Not to mention the added material, brush out of the box, the role of women in the subsequent updates its multiplayer mode in (though ugly to Madden and massive weapons) skin, may Activision is OL as a series of studies pave the way for orthodox test machine.

"modern warfare" heavy plate out of the box

courtesy of Activision wants to "call of duty" to build a global gaming project, the annual "call of Duty World League" (Call of Duty World League, referred to as CWL) is moving as the effort to build the tournament. In contrast, the call of duty ONLINE, it is difficult to attract players to join the series of fighting, more can only be the mainstream of the domestic players to win over the shooting online games. By hosting such CCL gaming competition, let more occupation game player can join, the popularity of visibility.

" call of Duty World League scene

"call of duty ONLINE" orthodox "call of duty" and has embarked on a series of completely different way, become more "localization" and cater to the most mainstream online game player's taste, and abandoned in the beginning pay attention to and support the fan of the game, I have seen the game player on the formal operation of the "call of duty" Online disappointment in countless forums and websites. Admittedly, this is not the fans like the call of duty, but in a way, but also a comprehensive popularity of it.

hopes the CCL will make more Chinese game player know "call of duty" in the gaming effort, but what time can reach CWL like size and the audience, but also need time to sharpen your estimation.

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