Huang Yi ex husband Faye Wong: take the fool's money and boyfriend chic

Huang Yi Faye Wong ex husband fool

fenghuangyule· 2016-12-28 13:14:43

Faye Wong

recently, the astronomical concert tickets in the city of triggered a hot discussion of the users of the content_img_p. The morning of December 28th, Huang Yi publicly blasted her ex husband Huang Yiqing Faye Wong, he pointed out that the sharp tongued Faye Wong with a fool for her money, and her boyfriend went to the small handsome. Also said that the strength of the star, singing sessions more, while Faye Wong only a concert is afraid of bad reputation.



screenshot full text: Faye Wong price ticket is really It is as expected sparked outrage of … …

usually have the strength of the singers, such as Aaron Kwok Andy Lau, a concert in Hongkong is twenty or thirty with open field I also wonder, before a child, suddenly opened so many games, really there are so many people to see? Later, just know that the concert is like the film at the box office, the more powerful the star concert more sessions on, at the same time fare will become very cheap, about 5-800 before the first row of incredible, this is really to take care of the fans, in turn fans to support idol, conditions are even optimistic about a few games.

look at the Faye Wong concert constant publicity mouse how large, but at the same time there is only one field, which obviously violates the interests of all the people, why only a reason is obvious: "only a word = no pressure".

is the price of the tickets the beginning of my earliest the initiator of evil, say many people have to spray me, now the fact that I have no wrong, but really insider inside only I am willing to stand up and say … … she probably knew more field, she never dance or interactive high stage cold wind, an end, after the refund has been unable to cope with the … … so it is a sharp knife, money in his pocket whatever you good or bad reputation, in turn you back saying: old mother had to withdraw from the entertainment, love ye … … and then continue with a point for her money, and small boyfriend to pursue her handsome, a baby with a father's tough life faith … …

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