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beijingshangbao· 2016-12-28 13:19:27

" recently, Faye Wong concert ticket price "broken" hot news, before the sale of 30 seconds is exhausted, which pushed up to 1 million yuan ticket is now said to have hit in the hand, cattle forced to sell at a discount. The performance of the market price "chaos" with early people exclaimed, have criticized the star high fare is Jiezeeryu, consumer sentiment, and now finally lead to market retaliation.

in Chinese culture, after walking on the altar, which means to go down. In the book of changes, "Ji" is better than "not only jackie". So Han Han said, what altar is also the altar to the end. Faye Wong's success or failure, this is the entertainment topic, but around the price of the discussion, but you can take a few rounds in the economic routines.

for the full competition, and free market, I am not afraid to see the best of goodwill. The market is always uneven in quality, Nishajuxia. But the market to self purification and clearing, in the rule of law under the protection of a good company, products and services will settle down, the company, products and services will be kick ass.

performance and film market, star high ticket prices and high fee has become a target for all, the market quality unsatisfactory scapegoat. However, high prices and high fee of a long period of time, there must be market demand for support. Just like ten years of high prices, regulation of the tune higher, it still plays a role in the relationship between supply and demand. Star as a scarce resource, has a strong pricing power, supply elasticity is very small, demand elasticity, high prices are normal. Faye Wong is such a star, no matter how high the market bid, buy it on the line, without moral judgment. If high enough to allow investors and operators to lose money, the price will come down. When the price does not make money, astronomical will cool. The laws of the market, if the simple.

in fact, buy a ticket to see Faye Wong concert consumers, are considered to be worth the price, that is not worth buying. Each consumers have different preferences, each consumer choice outsiders have no say, "you know that the fish is happy". Consumers of cultural and artistic aesthetic, with the level of national development and personal income levels, it is impossible to jump out of this rigid constraints. Consumers complain is not mature, love is bad, flatter, and elite intellectuals "Mania", instead of the market year after year, the so-called "chaos" filtering and expulsion, more down-to-earth. This year the film market at the box office, squeezing out the fraud on the market bubble, let us hold in confidence.

needs to be pointed out is that our market is disturbed by non market factors, so it is not always easy to self purification and clearing. For example, market liquidity, capital cost is very low, so inefficient, poor supply will not easily. Over the years, from the real estate, finance, Internet and excess production capacity of the outflow of funds have entered the show and film market, gold, the price of natural impact. For example, Wang Sicong revealed that the concert was originally intended to set the price of 10 thousand yuan, but was opposed by the price bureau of the. This can not be fine pondering: a concert ticket prices, both unrelated to the people's livelihood, nor is it necessary to live, why can not independent pricing? Fit for the market to determine the price bureau of the "paternalism" on administrative intervention price be inopportune or inappropriate, excessive, the alienation and distortion of the market supply-demand relationship, it is difficult to give full play to the role of the market, it is considered a market failure. The pot, the market is back for many years.

let the market return market, let the government go to the government, from the unity of theory and practice to this is easier said than done, we must have a deep river, also want to go ashore.

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