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Beijing time on December 28th news, a sex robot experts said, perhaps in less than 35 years there will be a human robot married things. Not only that, because sex robots with artificial intelligence, they may be more exciting than other human pleasure, according to the survey, nearly half of men think they will try to buy sex robots in the future. However, some professionals warn that, if used improperly, the tireless robot may push humans to the edge of exhaustion. David · working in London; Levi (David Levy) is the author and the robot love and sex (Love and Sex with), the author of a book, but also a robot expert.


robot love and sex he also pointed out that the future robot will be better than their human opponents more attractive.

"the first case of human marriage will appear in 2050 before, not after," said David · international sex robot Levi at the University of London meeting held on the. Although for some people, this argument absurd, but he added: "from the human perspective, and love and sex robots seem to have some distant, but the future will laugh at you in turn. "The International Conference of

held in the near future to attract professionals around the world, they put forward their views on the future development of sex robot is proposed, but not all of the views are positive. According to the survey, nearly half of men think they will choose to purchase in the near future sex robot, but if used improperly, the tireless robot may lead users to face the risk of energy depletion. Two important speech

meeting are elaborated on this aspect, and points out that robots will become more and more popular in the bedroom the human partner, called for a system of ethics built on the development and use of the sex robot. In one study, the researchers surveyed 263 heterosexual men aged between the ages of 18 and about the age of 67. Respondents first watched a video of a two minute female humanoid robot. The research team also asked respondents to conduct a personality measurement and attractiveness rating". After that, they were asked whether they would buy a robot like this for the next five years or so. The results show that a significant number of men admit that they will buy a sex robot, the proportion of up to 40.3%.

long ago, David · Dr. levy also proposed to celebrity sex robot template in the future will become very common, and celebrities also will get a lot of benefits from the. "You can imagine people say," I have a look like Angelina · sex robot Julie, and she was great in bed, "he said," if you are Angelina · Julie, then you will be able to obtain fees for the use of 1000 to 2000 pounds each robot from producing high-quality products the company where you just from the appearance of authorization can earn several million dollars than usual.

researchers also pointed out that single men are more likely to show human personality characteristics of robots. However, researchers warn that in the face of sex robots, humans may over release themselves, even beyond the critical point of collapse.

Oliver, a researcher at the, northwest of Applied Science and University of the Arts, · Bendel (Oliver), said the development of sex robots should be classified into the category of machine ethics. He warned that human beings, especially men, have a physiological limit". Because the robot has the potential of never tired, it may lead to the risk of excessive exertion. Another question that

raised at the meeting was whether robots should have the ability to "lure" users The researchers also considered whether robots should have the ability to refuse in extreme situations, and whether they should be forced to indicate the identity of their robots.

in addition, experts have expressed concern about the proliferation of personal information, because these robots are likely to have the ability to collect data from the user. Similar threats have begun to emerge. Earlier this year, a woman sued We, a sex toy company, claiming that the company used Vibe products and related apps to keep an eye on her privacy data. Not long ago, some experts warned that the Internet connection of sex toys in response to hacker attacks is very fragile.

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