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Property market news adjustment investment

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just, the property market news!

Ji'nan municipal government issued 26 new real estate, the provisions of Ji'nan household registration in the city for the purchase of 2 sets of family housing; non family residence in the city of Ji'nan to purchase 1 sets of housing, and the need to provide for more than 24 months in the city to pay personal income tax or social insurance certificate.

limit! Limit! Limit! Then the Ji'nan market regulation measures

to further implement the relevant requirements on the real estate market to maintain sustained and stable and healthy development of Ji'nan City, consolidate control results, to prevent prices rebound, to ensure the stability of the real estate market, safeguard the interests of the masses, Ji'nan municipal government study, to take further measures to increase efforts to control the real estate market. Mainly has the following measures:

, strengthen the bidding of residential land (including residential land compatible sources of funds management).

two, strengthen the pre-sale approval of commercial housing management, control market supply rhythm.

three, the city's household registration of the purchase of 2 sets of housing. Non city households in the city to purchase 1 sets of housing (for more than 24 consecutive months in the city to pay personal income tax or social insurance certificate).

four, strengthen market supervision, strict implementation of the purchase policy. Conscientiously implement the provisions of the commercial housing network to sign the record, according to the law to crack down cover Xishou behavior. That strictly qualified buyers, thorough investigation of fraud to cheat purchase behavior.

five, strictly regulate the pre commercial housing (Sales) sales contract signed revocation procedures, to stop the sale of commercial housing assignment and other real estate speculators.

six, strengthen social propaganda and public opinion guidance, maintaining good order in the real estate market.

this Notice applies to Lixia District of Ji'nan City, central city, Huaiyin District, Flyover District, Licheng District and Ji'nan high tech Zone, from the date of promulgation.

Ji'nan second half of the three force to regulate the property market

this measure is the second half of this year since the introduction of Ji'nan's real estate regulatory policy for the third time. Prior to this, in September 28th, Ji'nan has issued eight housing against malicious real estate, in October 2nd, Ji'nan has issued a limited purchase of three suites and limited credit policy to curb the overheated real estate market.

2016 October 2nd: the maximum amount of provident fund loans down the notice of the general office of the Ji'nan Municipal People's government

on Further Strengthening the work of the real estate market regulation, the first set of commercial housing loan purchase minimum down payment ratio increased from 20% to 30%, the lowest to buy the first two sets of commercial housing loan payment ratio increased from 30% to 40%. The

family for the purchase of the maximum amount of provident fund loans from 700 thousand yuan to 600 thousand yuan, individual maximum amount of provident fund loans from 400 thousand yuan to 300 thousand yuan; the city residence of the family to buy third sets of housing provident fund loans do not provide. The city has three families registered housing, temporarily no longer purchase. Non city household households in the city to purchase a housing.

9 in Ji'nan on 28 September issued a "real eight"

in the face of soaring property market, Ji'nan also took 8 control policies. 28, the office of the Ji'nan Municipal People's government issued the "Circular" on the real estate market to maintain sustained and stable and healthy development, will increase the supply of land, constraints of malicious real estate developers cover disc Xishou, etc..

"room eight" introduced, in order to let the real estate market frenzy. As of August this year, Ji'nan prices rose 13 months, more than a year rose more than 10%. July Ji'nan housing prices have exceeded the same province of Qingdao, Ji'nan in August is the list of the top ten national prices, ranked the top tenth.

new introduction of the housing eight first land supply requirements, to increase the size of the supply of residential land, and accelerate the pace. Residential land auction margin increased, increased from the original 20% to 30% starting price. In view of the current housing pre-sale, sales market widespread illegal, malicious real, down speculation behavior will increase control and punish.

national 24cheng two months a total of 50 times of market regulation from

this year "eleven" before and after November to the end of the two months, 24 Chinese city were more than 50 times the regulation of the real estate market, now, this round of regulation is still not the end, in December 21st, Zhengzhou and Wuhan again issued a tightening of overweight the purchase of the policy.

this year, around the release of the purchase of credit limit and other regulatory measures aimed at the overheated property market to cool the hot city. Because of the high prices first-tier cities, 9 months ago, part of the investment and withdrawal of speculative money first-tier cities into the second tier city, Wuhan, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Zhengzhou, Hefei and other second tier city has over first-tier cities led the formation of the spread of the trend.

however, with landing in October around the regulation of the property market, rapid cooling, "the most expensive land boom also halted, Wuxi, Suzhou, Nanjing and other places also introduced land price measures. As of December 14th, in early December the national land market turnover of more than 1 billion of the total of more than 26, more than 500 million of the land mass of the case, the premium rate of more than only 4 cases of more than 100%, while more than 50% of only 13 cases.

11 months, 70 cities new commercial housing and second-hand housing prices rose the number of cities decreased, respectively, last month to reduce the number of 7 and 8. With the first half of November than during the second half of 11, 15 and a hot second city, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other 9 city new commodity housing prices fell.

2017 property market will go? Central release of these reform signals

12 16 officially closed the central economic work conference on the proposed house is used to live, not to fry the positioning. Clearly, the integrated use of financial, land, taxation, investment, legislation and other means to speed up the study established in accordance with national conditions and long-term mechanism and adapt to the basic system of the laws of the market, both to curb real estate bubble, and prevent the emergence of change radically. Niu Fengrui, vice president of the China Society of urban economics, said

, to solve the problem of real estate prices must first stabilize, while the premise is to stabilize prices to increase supply.

meeting pointed out that to speed up the housing rental market legislation, accelerate the institutionalization, large-scale leasing enterprise development. In Yan Yuejin's view, the development of the housing rental market can effectively meet the needs of all levels of urban housing rental demand and improve urban housing structure.

for a second tier land market supply shortage led to land prices, house prices rise, can be resolved from two levels. "City center China Academy of Social Sciences and competitiveness research director Ni Pengfei suggestions that the first to increase land supply indicators, take people to hook mode; secondly as a second tier city land more, also revitalize the room.

central economic work conference at the same time clear, to inventory, to adhere to the classification regulation, due to the city due to the implementation of the policy, focusing on solving three or four lines of urban real estate inventory problems. It is necessary to inventory and promote urbanization together, improve the interoperability of the three or four line of the city and large inter city infrastructure, improve the three or four line of the city education, health care and other public service levels, enhance the attractiveness of the agricultural population transfer.

source: China Economic Net (ID:ourcecn) comprehensive Xinhua news agency, Qilu network, CCTV finance

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