Big wireless routing involving radiation harassment: TP-Link list

ZTE brand router wireless

liaoshenwanbaoZAKERshen· 2016-12-28 22:27:17


router, the Bluetooth headset has become almost every family, every young person standard. In December 28th, Liaoning province Industrial and Commercial Bureau informed the first half of 2016, wireless communication product quality test results showed that a variety of commodity quality, including TP-Link, ASUS, ZTE, Aigo brand etc.. Remind

Industrial and Commercial Bureau, according to relevant provisions of the state, the wireless router belongs to the "3C" directory within the scope of the product, without the "3C" certification product shall not leave the factory, sales, import or use in other business activities, consumers in the purchase of wireless router must look for the "3C" logo, see mark label is clear and fixed, relevant content is complete and accurate, and pay attention to the preservation of purchase invoices, vouchers and other "three pack". In addition

, facing the router on the market "wall", Liaoning province Industrial and Commercial Bureau remind consumers "do not blindly respected": production of excessive pursuit of wall effect blindly increase the transmit power, possible technical protection measures are not in place, give consumers the use of security risks. The test data show that the higher the transmitter power, the greater the radiated disturbance field strength of the wireless router. In addition to the interference of other electronic products, to achieve a certain number of radiation will be harmful to human health.

· ZAKER Shenyang Liaoshen Evening News reporter Dong Lina