On hot marketing, I only SMS fraud


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this network two days the most fire

should be "Paul L Club vice event

advertising circle hottest is a fraud SMS"

had to say in the field of marketing

hot new media operation is the only rival

is another example of SMS fraud committed some time ago the United States election

Trump Chinese I give out at the end of

the various industries In the red performance even

liar is no exception

new scam appear continuously, continuously updated

old scam you better smart

or it is impossible to guard against deception:

... I am your husband Zhang Jike

not only know the hobbies of my husband is the blue shoes, even my husband love poem Sanlitun

fault can imitate

this research is also in place... A liar accurate enough!

: I'm Li Yifeng tricks I crash

" even the bank card number remember

mail list isn't remember?

I'm Wallace Huo tricks - I was blown off

" cheater can now reply, I love Ruby Lin

trick -- I'm Daniel Wu I went flying

can tell me what is this mountain?

I'd like to pick star...

tricks I was Jiang Jieshi's illegitimate child

" for the peaceful reunification of the two sides, this busy I don't help p>

tricks: < /

" is a liar liar

reminded of this routine is I never thought of

cheat -- posing as a landlord rent

all the crooks posing as a landlord in the field of

collect rent by bank card trick

lover - I'm your son

you go, I don't have you like this son of!

tricks your girlfriend in the hospital

tricks your child in hospital

fraud Sambo: SMS, bonus, Apple Computer

tricks I was kidnapped by

" this intelligence, do not come out as a liar...

tricks can borrow money, why should I have

<" /p>

such a friend, ah, such a liar, or maybe

in addition to send fraudulent messages, sometimes

acting liar will personally call you


@... Listen, rain morning

once received a phone call and asked me not to bank cards recently consumption is not normal, because there is no bank card. That is a liar, he answered "yes" and "you say the name, ID number, we check it for you." "well, surnamed Cao, Cao Ni, Cao Cao, Cao Ni has not said," there are you kidding me. "Then hung up.

@ Yin hope before -

received a telephone fraud, said the Public Security Bureau, a factory id registered suspected of tax evasion. I can't say! I don't have your ID card! I'm a girl warrior, I'm from the moon! Then the cheater said I was insane.

@ Luanyou Shangguan V

liar phone so I went to his office, I said. He said, "do you know who I am?" I say I know. The other three seconds after hang up the silence.

@ Babe

said I cheat stocking sent to Thailand express was robbed, there are 18 bank cards, he asked why I was detained in the Public Security Bureau. I said how to buy an elephant, you tube? Liar silence for 5 seconds, said: you really can boast TM force, I think the idea is disrupted!

@ shy man

last received a telephone fraud, said the Public Security Bureau, said that I suspected fraud 2 million 100 thousand, I say "ha ha ha ha I so rich? "What are you laughing at, you are suspected of serious criminal cases, you feel very funny, right? "" is! "Then he hung up the phone...

@ a naked monkey

once received a phone call: you come to my office tomorrow morning.

me: No, they're going to go tonight.

liar: come back tomorrow morning.

I: why, you tonight is not about the other fox? Who is she?

liar shocked, said: okay. You do not come.

hung up the phone.

@ V

Grandpa old rag I received a call that won the lottery, you need to pay the fee bonus, Grandpa said that you directly in the bonus deduction is good ah...


received a watermelon is not summer uncle phone, let me guess who he is. I said I don't know. He forced me to guess, I said I do not know. After a minute, uncle angry: "do you have a friend! "PIA hung up. You can have a little patience...

@ lone girl

Peng received a strange phone, said let me receive mobile service package. I say: don't lie to me, goodbye.

later received a classmate, she didn't hang up... Then... She really to receive gifts...

sum up:

1. scene marketing: liar will make up a specific event, if it happens to you and environmental risk will be similar, so as to improve;

3. see so many tricks, increasingly feel this skill, why do the hand piece fraud, isn't it good?

PS: This article, just want to say, a fine, rest assured

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On hot marketing, I only SMS fraud


On hot marketing, I only SMS fraud