Two young guy tied a shoelace subway lost what?

Subway shoelace lad situation

xiandaikuaibaoquanmei· 2016-12-28 22:34:07

Modern Express News (correspondent Dee reporter Wang Rui) when he bent his shoelaces to put the bag on the side, the results of the shoelace tied up and left, until the unit was found to disappear. In December 28th, the modern express reporter learned recently, Metro police received the alarm for careless two dumbfounding. More than 8


12 screenshot on the morning of 27 December in Anhui would work man Hwang from Xinjiekou subway station underground passage after getting ready for work. When walking into the No. 10 near the mouth of a sushi shop door, Huang found a loose shoelace, he bent over to tie his shoes, he will carry the bag on the ground. Shoelaces, Huang got up and left, put in the bag on the back, until the company found the bag was gone. Huang quickly returned to the Xinjiekou subway station, where there is the shadow of the package? In desperation, Huang had to call for help. The police for the retrieval of surveillance video, found before 9 in the morning, the Xinjiekou subway station shops layer flow is not much, the shops are also closed, a yellow bag on the ground for ten minutes until unattended, nearly 9 points, was only a passing stranger Shunshou linzou.

according to police surveillance tracking linzou passers Hwang package, found from the Xinjiekou subway station No. 6 port after going out of sight, monitoring the police retrieved the Jinling Hotel near the unit still can't find the bag man. Huang said his bag is an ordinary black handbag, not what money in the bag, but the relevant documents and files in there, lost more trouble, I hope the man linzou his bag can be returned to their package by Metro police.

a little more coincidentally, the afternoon of December 28th, a 20 year old boy from a Xinjiekou subway station No. 12 port lift down, while the phone, the wallet in his right armpit. Under the elevator, a find yourself undone, a time rush, while the side of the phone while the shoelaces, also the original clip in the armpit purse put on her belly. After the end of the shoelace, music and then get up and go, the wallet fell on the ground also know nothing. Go twenty or thirty meters, suddenly found a purse in the hand, quickly turned around to find, but now many people fall in the subway, the wallet on the ground would have no shadow. Le a report to the police, I hope the police to help find their own lost Navy Blue Bird wallet, which has its own identity card and driver's license.

in addition to tie loss of the careless, Metro Police frequently received similar alarm, almost every day because the ticket passengers wallet or mobile phone in the automatic ticket office, some people put the bag in the subway car window or the off his feet, forgot the alarm. Police remind the passengers: valuables do not hold in the hand, the best placed in a pocket or carry bag, the subway traffic is large, it is difficult to find the lost items, we must pay more attention to their own, try to avoid financial losses.

(editor Li Yuyu)

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