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" to improve the national happiness index, do not have to watch the news network, sometimes look at the mobile phone conference is also very effective.

12 26, Jin released its annual flagship business M2017, the hardware parameters compared to 5.7 inches 2K screen, Qualcomm 653 processor in the end these poor, the aircraft hit the 7000mAh large battery (double 3500mAh parallel), and "metal + Leather" classic business model design, the price of 6999 yuan. At the same time also brought the price up to 16999 yuan of crocodile private custom version, called "Jin success standard". In addition to 8848 domestic

Jin, also recently launched the price up to 19999 yuan of the "the Imperial Palace" mobile phone, limited to 999 units; HUAWEI in Munich launched the Porsche version of Mate9, the European price of 1395 euros (10400 yuan), the domestic price is up 8999 yuan.

looked at the manufacturers launched the "super" mobile phone, feel around the rich people, struggling in the "food and clothing line" small, next year will redouble our efforts.

can set the phone as astronomical, but also make people feel value for money, but also a learning. The political and business people has become the target population of these phones.

why sell to the political and business people?

is the so-called "political and business people" portrait: usually older than 35 years of success, with certain assets or rights. Some devices need to highlight their social status, in order to meet their vanity and sense of security, the two demands.

: the idea of selling watches vanity to sell mobile phone

mobile phone when the price from the "cost pricing" quagmire, no matter like iPhone or Vertu light luxury fashion, noble custom, more or less for the holder's identity to identify, to meet the user's vanity.

fair without the appearance of

in the China language, "gold" and "gems" and other words give a person with elegant feeling. and gold, silver and precious stones are often made into advanced watches, jewelry and other luxury goods, used to decorate the wearer's identity and status.

mobile phone is also made of these materials with the name of the phone shell, but also the most impressive in the first impression to improve the quality of the phone, to support the high price of mobile phones.

such as titanium (gold) mobile phone, sapphire (Shui Jing) screen, and there is no parenthesis in the word, read the grade is not a lot of difference?

willing to pay big bucks to buy this mobile phone, most successful not bad money; can receive the mobile phone as a gift, is not afraid of common people.


and brand culture combined with the old saying goes "the apple of Sodom, light has a gorgeous appearance, but easy to give people a mouthful of gold teeth with the" upstart "vu.

" to allow the holder of "money", but also look look "connotation", the best way is to "bang bang" brand ", culture".

such as the German luxury car brand "Porsche" design of Mate9, the European standard GB / random two charging head, let users see is to see the world's "successful"; and "the the Imperial Palace version of the 8848 mobile phone, reveals a China culture for 5000 years," a piece of my heart Chinese".

limited and inviting system

in order to further demonstrate the holders of one million in none of the honor, but also to provide speculation and appreciation of the phone space. Manufacturers are good at using the limited system , the global limit of 999 units, plus a private custom number, the money may not be able to buy.

routine deeper, also playing the "recommended" system, only recommend each other by users are eligible to purchase, easy to form an industry "social network": for example, screenwriter, screenwriter and director recommended to recommend to the actor, and the entire cast and stars are an indirect mobile phone "spokesman". But the

mobile phone up to the "collection" realm, mostly became the show out "decorations". I have seen a lot of "put on the table Vertu, and then turned out the iPhone dial" from the pocket of the picture.

security: go out in the outside, although as a collection of safety first

more value, but some people will still be used, so the manufacturer also showed some practical, this is mainly reflected in mobile phone security.

"built-in security encryption system for government and business people", "security" and not the "ordinary people" in the eyes of anti wife check as simple, may contain important business secrets in the mobile phone, may also store valuable customers if there is information, information disclosure, consequences be unbearable to contemplate.

so these phones are often built into the hardware security encryption system, effectively increasing the difficulty of mobile phone information is cracked. But in the data transmission, hardware encryption only supports the use of the same encryption technology in the mobile phone within a specific APP, in a disguised form to promote the political and business crowd of bulk procurement.

battery for the successful "political and business people, are busy with business, to the game, the older, eyesight and hearing are not fear when young. So the screen, pictures, sound, performance is not the focus of their concern. But if the mobile phone battery, miss a phone call may be millions of business, mobile phone battery life for business people is very important. In addition to

, the design of the phone will also emphasize the rugged, in order to ensure that the political and business people seeking stable style of work: go out, security first.

" but these mobile phone manufacturers, compared with foreign real luxury mobile phone brand Vertu, but less of a selling point of the key service .

almost every customer to buy Vertu phones will get six months to one year 7*24 hours butler service, the service is not only a variety of projects, the scope of service is more widely spread around the world. As long as you have money, do things legitimate, the Housekeeper will help you complete:

to the airport can not hit the car? It doesn't matter, housekeeper to help you. Did you get a ticket to somewhere? It doesn't matter, the housekeeper to help you, private aircraft shuttle no problem. Want to go to Cannes Film Festival without tickets? It doesn't matter, housekeeper VIP help you book.

has a live butler service, Siri, Tina this kind of "artificial intelligence" will be cast into the shade of the housekeeper.

so why the domestic mobile phone does not learn to do Vertu butler service?

set up the global nature of the butler service is not a short duration of time can be completed, in front of the different policy, money is only a small problem.

renew the Vertu butler service, to pay the annual service fee of 20000 yuan. In fact, the domestic mobile phone users to buy Vertu rarely choose to renew, more is still considered a foil holder of taste, temperament, honor and glory of luxury. So the domestic manufacturers sell to the people don't need money and effort to build the Butler service.

finally, the "million domestic machine" high price but with high profit margins, more to bring a large number of high consumption of successful people, "successful" indirect endorsement, is a pile of high-end brand image of a ready-made panacea. As a result, attract more people with high consumption desire, the future is better to do their business. (this article first titanium media)

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