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Beijing, Beijing in December 29, (Zhong Qing) since January 1, 2017, a number of civil aviation regulations will be formally implemented, including the concern of the "civil aviation safety inspection rules", "normal flight regulations", "2017 normal flight assessment indicators and restrictions" & hellip; … new regulations after landing, passengers in the boarding, security checks, delay disposal and other aspects will be faced with a lot of change: take some domestic flights can brush identity check; security does not allow passengers to take photos and videos; delays due to weather, emergencies, passenger accommodation costs themselves etc..

part of the airport can achieve a clearance certificate security procedures cannot

11 month, media reports quoted the chief representative of Chinese vice president, IATA North Asia Zhang Baojian's point of view, since January 1, 2017, according to the relevant domestic policy, is already allowed to Chinese airport for a clearance certificate". "One card clearance" refers to passengers with valid identity documents, you can successfully achieve customs clearance.

'one card clearance' in the field of aviation in full swing, it takes a long time, although technically difficult, just install a software on the verification device, but the follow-up supporting services but also great effort. "Aviation experts Qi Qi told reporters Beijing, which is one of the International Air Transport Association launched a convenient travel project, and paperless boarding passengers have been used in practice, only two-dimensional code with valid ID and mobile phone check-in, boarding can be completed.

reporter noted that compared to take high-speed rail brush identity card, and even brush the face of the station, the convenience of the aviation industry seems to slow the pace of customs clearance.

high-speed rail and aircraft, there are differences in the level of security. "Qi Qi explained that in addition to the aviation industry" a clearance certificate "matching is still not mature, such as paperless customs clearance, but to require public reimbursement passenger inconvenience; voucher baggage, also attached to the paper on the boarding pass.

civil aviation experts Zhang Qihuai had also warned that the move is only to reduce the boarding pass, the security is certainly not behind the province.

14 kind of violation or fined no photos, site security camera

10 28, China Civil Aviation Authority issued "safety inspection rules" of civil aviation, in particular the work of civil aviation security management section, put forward 14 kinds of violation shall report to the public security organ. Including the

, the use of forged or altered identity certificate or certificate to flight; flight impersonation identity certificate or flight voucher; the false name of transport or entrainment of dangerous goods, contraband, air cargo control items; to work in aviation security and aviation security work carried out on-site photographing, the civil aviation security mechanism the warning refuses to correct etc..

for the violation of civil aviation security mechanism, did not take special measures according to the requirements, according to the provisions of the civil aviation safety inspection institutions shall be ordered by the civil aviation administrative organs set up within a time limit, at ten thousand yuan fine; overdue correction, more than ten thousand yuan at thirty thousand yuan fine.

prohibited to carry goods for temporary airport 30 days

"civil aviation safety inspection rules" also requires to prohibit passengers carrying goods but can be checked, aviation security institutions shall inform the passengers as baggage, dispose of or temporary treatment.

required temporary items for passenger management agencies civil transport airports shall provide services for the temporary. The temporary storage of goods shall not exceed 30 days. The management mechanism of civil transport airports shall provide conditions, custody or treatment of passengers, in the work of civil aviation security in temporary abandon, left items.

due to the weather, emergencies and other delays travelers themselves

accommodation expenses in July 21st this year, the Ministry of transport issued another important document "this year of civil aviation flight normal regulations", the implementation of the same requirements from next year.

"normal flight regulations" to delay disposal and passenger rights provides an effective "methodology", clearly defined, due to weather reasons, emergencies caused by flight delays or cancellations, accommodation expenses paid by the passengers; three cases by the carrier to provide accommodation services.

according to the new regulations, due to weather, emergencies, air traffic control, security and other non passenger carriers, resulting in the flight is delayed or canceled in the departure port, the carrier shall assist passengers arrange meals and accommodation expenses paid by the passengers. Due to the equipment maintenance, aircraft deployment, units and other carriers for their own reasons, resulting in the flight is delayed or canceled in the departure port; in the delayed or cancelled flights alternate stop; the three cases to the passenger carrier shall provide meals or accommodation and other services.

investigation of the reasons for the delay by the civil aviation authority to monitor the operation of the center is responsible for confirming the

is not the weather and other reasons for the delay caused by resistance, ordinary passengers how to judge? "Normal flight management regulations," a lot of friends expressed doubts, from the interactive point of view, many Internet users have the same doubts: weather, air traffic control and other reasons for the delay will be defined, published?

according to the provisions of the civil aviation authority, not only in the July 23rd release of the expert interpretation of doubts, at the beginning of December, also issued "on the issuance of flight delays canceled due to confirm the work program notice", the establishment of flight delays, canceled a confirmation mechanism and performed in the next year.

"on the issuance of flight delays and cancellations cause confirmation procedures" provisions, by the operation monitoring center of civil aviation bureau is responsible for flight delays, cancel the investigation and confirmation of reason; civil aviation consumer affairs center according to the civil aviation authority authorized, responsible for flight delays, due to the cancellation of the original acceptance, confirmation of the transfer and feedback. At the same time, the civil aviation authority operation monitoring center should receive the "flight delays, the cancellation of the cause of the confirmation of the application form" within 5 working days to confirm the results.

delays over 3 hours on the aircraft can arrange for passengers to wait for the aircraft delayed disposal of aircraft on the

, the normal flight management regulations also put forward new demands on the carrier during the period.

first, the delay occurred in the machine, the carrier should be every 30 minutes to passengers notice the reasons for the delay, the expected delay time of flight information; on delayed more than 2 hours (inclusive), passengers should provide drinking water and food for the machine; machine delayed more than 3 hours (inclusive) and no a clear departure time, the carrier shall be in security regulations without violating air safety, passengers waiting for the plane.

"normal flight management regulations" specifically pointed out that during the period of delay, without affecting the safety of the aircraft, the carrier shall ensure the normal use of the equipment.

talked about the policy landing, an unnamed aviation who had an interview with Xinhua reporters, who gave you a stream of love, "is very difficult to implement, considering the safety, technology, departure time uncertainty and other factors, it is difficult to say machine delays over 3 hours, can make visitors return to the waiting room".

next year the normal flight exam more stringent flights grounded or exceed the standard of abnormal

in addition, the civil aviation authority based on the summary of the past two years of flight delays governance experience, developed and published the "2017 flight normal assessment indicators and restrictive measures" requirements, implemented since January 1, 2017.

airlines, airports, air traffic control departments of the three major production and operation units, respectively, put forward the normal flight assessment indicators and restrictions. In the airline company, the evaluation index and restrictions set three different punishment standards: one is, the airport passenger throughput of 20 million passengers over the domestic departure flight normal rate ranked 3, the normal flight rate of less than 50% (not included), and the domestic airline itself causes the highest proportion of flights. Self report (excluding the month) second month to cancel the flight time.

is two, the airline due to their own reasons accounting for the month of the planned flight is not normal flight number higher than 8% (inclusive) and ranked three, from the date of notification of the 3 consecutive month to stop accepting the airline passenger charter flights overtime, and new applications.

three is the airline's monthly arrival rate of less than 60% (excluding) and ranked the top 3, to be criticized.

at the airport, the release rate of non-compliance of the implementation of the airport in ATC, the gradient of punishment; due to reasons of air traffic control (including traffic) in accounting for the month of the planned flight is not normal flight number higher than 8% (inclusive), be criticized. Previously, the proportion was 9%.

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