Ten signs that the child may be violated!

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ten major signs that your child may be subjected to violations of the!

if unfortunately, the baby suffered sexual assault, there are some characteristics that can allow parents to realize this situation as soon as possible, and timely guide the child, while legal weapons to protect the legitimate rights and interests of children. Therefore, when the children appear as the following signs, parents should pay attention to the.

children suffered ten major signs of aggression:

1, suddenly appeared with sexual characteristics of the behavior.

2, sudden sense of fear.

3, sudden change of character.

4, in the act, the apparent expression of anger and aggression against others.

5, sleep disorders.

6, arson or sudden love fire.

7, pay attention to the baby's painting content.

8, eating suddenly become no law.

9, pay attention to the physiological changes caused by any sexual assault.

10. any abnormal important behavior change.

if suffered sexual abuse of children failed to get timely < strong > heart and pacifying and UN intervention, the negative impact will be deeper and more for a long time, has been < strong > to continue into adulthood or even life-long < / strong >.

has such a childhood experience of the girl there is a performance of couples affected by , they may have a vaginal spasm. Such cases are often not simple to take medicine to solve the physical problems, more common is that they are against the age of about 12 years old, just or is about to enter puberty. And a class of performance is establish normal relations < / strong > < strong > and difficult sex, this kind of situation and the first is also different, outside of their normal, no vilifying itself, but with members of the opposite sex is difficult to communicate, to the marriageable age also could not find the object, more difficult to get married.

development to the severity of the disease is , including anxiety, depression, and even schizophrenia. The majority of these patients with depression, the degree of anxiety disorders are also a number of. Why is that? Perhaps, and sexual assault itself, a taboo parents, children did not dare to say, grown also dare not and people around said, some married many years as a secret buried in the bottom of our heart, self repression. For a long time, it is easy to depression and even suicidal tendencies.

how to guide children out of the psychological haze of sexual assault?

so it seems, in the event of the moment, the child in a timely manner to carry out psychological intervention is very important. At this time, parents can do what? < strong > must fully respect the wishes of children < / strong >, children don't want to go to school. Don't want to go to school, said he wanted to quit school, as far as possible drop out. This is not to indulge the child, because encounter such trauma, difficult to short-term recovery. At that time the parents must understand and accept children any possible emotional expression and abnormal behavior, because, in the face of such great harm, what kind of reaction are not excessive, requires the long time to restore is reasonable.

in the absence of the children agreed to do not have too many people to visit < / strong > and even grandparents and other relatives. Don't blame the child, "why don't you shout for help." why don't you run away, "and so on discourse must not talk nonsense, not eager to to the child understanding" what happened ", which can cause secondary trauma. Parents reported and recorded statement need children story process, if the words do not pay attention to skills, children will feel by exposing the scars as the secondary damage.

parents also need to communicate with their children to help do some physical prevention, as far as possible to avoid such as pregnancy, , such as the subsequent damage . It's important to be patient and careful with your parents. It's true that you still love her, trust her, understand her, and give her enough time and patience to allow her to face and deal with it. < strong > < suggest parents seek professional counselors help < / strong >, or under the guidance of professional counselors to help children. "It's not your fault," she said! "Firm and clear positive response can directly to the innermost self doubt, self denial, self deprecating", will effectively ease the victim's heart "shame", will effectively help them to complete the "self perception" to the reconstruction, to promote the "enhance self value".

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