India and then shoot the intercontinental media said the Chinese side reacted strongly

Intercontinental missile India China year

huanqiuwang· 2016-12-29 09:57:32

map: India test fired the Agni 5 intercontinental ballistic missile

"for India can develop nuclear weapons can carry ballistic missiles, the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council has clearly defined. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying 27, 2009, India's successful test fired -5 fire intercontinental ballistic missile response in India aroused strong reaction. India media interpreted this as the Chinese attempt to submit the matter to the UN Security council". India Economic Times reported in the evening as the case, said the Chinese side did not explicitly say that the United Nations will vote on the matter, but it seems that the Foreign Ministry of India is expected to give a clear response.

Hua Chunying did not specify what is the resolution of the UN Security Council, but the India media that he was referring to 18 years ago, the UN Security Council resolution 1172, India and Pakistan should abandon all nuclear tests. India's "the wire" website said 28 tests can be used to carry nuclear weapons ballistic missiles in New Delhi, Chinese revisit this resolution is the first time. Reported that compared to 4 years ago, the first test since the fire in India, China's position, saying that this year is the most severe Chinese language.

27 night, India Foreign Ministry spokesman Rupp SWA to respond quickly, said India's strategic capability development is not aimed at any particular country, at the same time, India will fulfill relevant international obligations arising therefrom, and said that India hopes other countries together to comply with this standard.

India media repeatedly claimed that the fire -5 missile range enough to cover the whole of China and parts of Europe, it is considered as a weapon against china". "Fire -5" just a successful test, the India media has begun to fire -6 publicity. India's "economic times" in another article, 2012 "Agni -1" range of only 700 km, after the model is to increase 1000 kilometers as the basic standard, the maximum range of fire -5 has up to 5500 kilometers, and "fire -6" features, multi task and multi warhead launch mobility.

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