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" for the New Year approaching, the "single dog", the Spring Festival is a difficult step "hum", laws at this time are served as the "matchmaker", the 7 day holiday will not in the blind is in the blind way". Yesterday, "the 2016 singles released cherished network status report", the report shows, the singles distribution imbalance, Beijing female, male 28 years old in Shenzhen alone is serious; the "light Cougar" and 33 "good man" is the most popular during the Spring Festival first-tier cities; single people encounter "speeding" blind; nearly half of men and women in the "single monomer subculture" mistakes; female, male IT sales into the most easy occupation.

is the most popular single female character "

Cougar light": Guangdong area, bachelor degree, height 159-163cm, 28 years old the most popular

Occupation: engaged in accounting, nurses and administrative personnel of the single women in the most popular

the most popular single male trait

"good man": Beijing area, bachelor degree, April income of around 20 thousand, height 175-180cm, 33 years old the most popular

Occupation: occupation managers, financial planner, civil servants single men in the most popular

"drive type blind city


No.1 Shenzhen

No.2 Beijing

No.3 Guangzhou

No.4 Wuhan


city Changsha dating the most frequent deep Beijing Guangzhou" speeding type blind "

at the end of each year, single people are always anxious occasion, because again to marry a year" Season". The report shows that over 7 of men and women have been sex experience, among them, nearly 20% of people said a year by the parents "forced" or the number of reminders to find the object more than 12 times, nearly half of men and women said the holidays will be marry.

for the upcoming Spring Festival, many single men and women said they would not be on a blind date in a blind date on the road". Survey shows that during the Spring Festival holiday 7 days, at least for a blind date to reach 8 people to reach 54.7%. This "fair type date" of the crowd, most prominent Shenzhen, there are nearly 30% single men and women in Shenzhen admitted that during the Spring Festival will be "fair type love", followed by Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Changsha.

from Shenzhen Nanshan District 29 year old single young Mr. Chen is engaged in technical development work, he reluctantly said in an interview, "I like this in Shenzhen fighting a few foreigners, usually the Spring Festival home will be arranged. "But Mr. Chen is not very resistant," relatives of my marriage is hard, and I also hope to solve personal problems as soon as possible to get married early, so whether it is family arrangements or friends, I are more actively involved in. "

most easily alone Beijing city

Shenzhen male female" alone "serious

of this report mainly for online survey of 100 million members of the cherished network, a comprehensive analysis of the survey sample of 3811 valid samples.

according to the National Bureau of Civil Affairs statistics, in 2015, the number of single adults in China has more than 200 million. Then, in the geographical distribution of Chinese single people and how? Cherished network report, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi'an, Wuhan, Dongguan, Changsha became the ten largest city in the country's single population. Thus, the first tier cities have always gathered for single people, take off the demand is far greater than the two or three tier cities.

from the division of single men and women groups, Beijing single women accounted for most, ranking first in the country, followed by Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Chongqing; and single men are the largest in Shenzhen, followed by Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing and Chengdu. The majority of cities in the country have the problem of uneven distribution of single men and women, and the imbalance in the region, it is also a major cause of the increase in the number of single people.

is the most popular singles

Guangdong 28 "light Cougar"

Beijing 33 "good man"

in a single large crowd, what kind of men and women are the most popular? Through the investigation of data access, interaction frequency and standard collection, comparison and statistics, the report shows single women in Guangdong area, bachelor degree, height 159-163cm, 28 years old "light Cougar" most popular; and single men in Beijing area, bachelor degree, the monthly income of around 20 thousand, height 175-180cm, 33 years old "good man" the most popular.

is the most easy single occupation

sales female IT male singles most concentrated found interesting in the

report, the single people from all walks of life, the male single population concentrated in the Internet industry IT engineer, followed by manufacturing engineers; female single population is mainly concentrated on sales occupation, followed by financial practitioners. The most popular career choice, engaged in accounting, nursing and personnel administration of the most popular women, engaged in professional managers, financial planners, civil servants of the most popular men.

for single people occupation problems alone, engaged in the sale of Miss Lin said in an interview very distressed and very helpless, because of work requirements, she takes a long time to travel, to run the business, follow up sales orders, and often entertaining, not too much personal time to fall in love, and after being introduced object when will the reason no below often because of occupation.

the most difficult monomer

nearly half of men and women in the "single sub culture" in the face of such frequent

urge marriage and intimate behavior, more than half of men and women will choose to escape, such as "pay no attention to it, with their chatter", "talk about him" and "arrange travel to avoid pressure relatives".

found that in-depth investigation, off single escapists, nearly four adults said "feel it is very difficult to find the object", over two adults believe "even if people find love, but not good at communication difficult to enter into the dating stage", 19% of people said they would actively social or blind, only 7.85% people enjoy single, advocating "single sub culture".

this, treasure network marriage expert Zhang Shasha reminder, single men and women if you have realized that they take off a single difficult, but still no action, to check whether you have fallen into a single sub culture trap. "Single sub culture" is a generation of people who have grown up to the new economic situation, in a more open economic environment, according to their wishes, to choose a single yourself even more love life, showing temporarily or permanently choose not to love, not to marry or not for marriage and marriage. Caught in the single sub culture, the problem of men and women, is not active single, it is possible that because of the difficulty of taking off single, faced with the pressure to fight their own initiative to remove the single and passive left". However, under the influence of the single sub culture, but the performance of the enjoyment of the single life, ignoring the frustration of taking a single failure, into the trap for a long time and do not know.

plus spouse concept cook can improve the success rate of blind

in mate choice the survey, rigid requirements can not be reduced when the spouse in the male is generally considered the requirement of shape, while women are considered economic requirements; in addition, over 50% single men and women is that the other "cook" this is a little more skill points, followed by sports fitness and good communication Master.

in the marriage life, seven adults think that two people relaxed and happy is the most important, followed by the two sides interested in a common topic of life and economic well-off; for the show gets "source of happiness" of the survey, over six adults considered family harmony, followed by business success and good health.

is the most common economic situation of

over 60% single "savings million households" following the

mentioned in the report of the first two zhenai dates and "gold singles nouveau riche list", the report once again focus on economic situation singles. The report shows that there are 63.05% single men and women personal savings in 30 thousand between -5 million, accounted for the most, followed by 60 thousand -10 million, accounting for 15.37%, more than 100 thousand individual deposits accounted for 12.18% of the population. Thus, the vast majority of the single is "saving million households".

data from the financial point of view, 46.9% of single men and women will invest in financial products, stocks, etc., only about the savings habits of the people, 8.2% of the people to invest in real estate, and 13.8% of people do not have financial habits.

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