Developers are entangled 1 minutes 9 officials even burst foul language

Taiyuan high tech Zone foul language developers

zhongqingwang· 2016-12-29 11:11:56


China website resume on 29 December, Beijing youth network (reporter Wu Yang Wang Zirui) recently, a section called "Shanxi Taiyuan: high tech Zone officials to investors a nine minute conversation" fuck "X" video in Shanxi local spread. December 29th morning, Shanxi Taiyuan hi tech Zone, a spokesman for the China Youth Network reporter confirmed this video. Bai Jiansheng, deputy director of the Taiyuan high tech Zone, said to the reporter explained that the other items were investigated after the violation, several times to his office entangled, he said the complaint.

in this video, Bai Jiansheng to a man said "fuck X, he is not dead, he thought that he soil leopard place, Taiyuan city will not put him". The man said, "I sit". Bai Jiansheng said, "I sit with him? I was not a fucking disgrace, see him? Don't sit with him ". The man said, "business is not worried? ". Bai Jiansheng asked, why worry? What do you want to do. That is their stupid X, do things your mom X. Ask me, I'm sitting here, and the second day is, 'what the hell are you doing?' "He thinks high tech District for many years his mother X soft X? ".

12 29, director of the Taiyuan high tech Zone News Center spokesman Liu Deyong confirmed the video to China youth network reporter, and said the district has paid attention to this video, the relevant circumstances are being implemented, and after the exchange of reporters.

video of the parties Bai Jiansheng told the China Youth Network reporter, video recording occurred in the middle of this month. He explained to reporters, some time ago, there is a shareholder of the company came to my office to find me, they have an area of the project exceeded, the City Planning Bureau punishment, has not been accepted. This year he built four floors of the library, cover to the three floor. City Planning Bureau law enforcement unit found to stop. This thing to investigate the functions inside the city, after the completion of the investigation of our high-tech zones can be handled according to the relevant functions. He came to me many times, blocking my office. I live in the courtyard of the lira, I did not do, let the security guard stopped. I said I have something. In the middle of this month, someone came to explain to me. I just have to say something. Their projects are illegal.

for users of discussion, Bai Jiansheng said, the unit will contact the relevant channels today, come forward to explain the situation. It's a job, not my own behavior".

according to the official website of Taiyuan national hi tech Development Zone, Bai Jiansheng, deputy director of the Taiyuan high tech Zone Party Working Committee, the cmc. Division of work as "to assist the director of the CMC in charge of international cooperation in science and Technology Bureau, expanding Development Zone Management Office, Construction Bureau, environmental protection bureau, police financial management development center, Taiyuan high tech Zone Construction Investment Co. Ltd., Taiyuan hi tech Investment Co. Ltd.; in charge of the Land Bureau, high tech Zone District Planning Bureau, Public Security Bureau, high tech Zone District Audit Bureau, high tech Zone police fire brigade responsible for the Yuanjiang work".

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